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Reputation is Key to Success or Failure

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The Importance of Building a Strong Reputation

With any industry, reputation is key to success or failure. Unlike a slick marketing campaign or a flashy social presence, a reputation is something that takes time to establish, build and eventually grow. There are no shortcuts, and each individual encounter has the potential to be great or could leave your company making plans for damage control.

Finding Consistency
Many times, a business’s reputation can be based on perception and not actual encounters. This could be sharing a positive or negative experience on social media or over a coffee meeting. As innocent as these encounters may be, they hold great power to strengthen or deplete the reputation of a business. In industries where there are many competitors offering the same goods and services, a strong reputation is even more critical to stand out from the competition.

Simple Rules to Success

  1. Listen to your clients – One of the easiest things you can do is ask a client about their experience regarding the service you provide. You’ll quickly find out what’s working and what’s not.
  2. Regard and solve client problems as your problem – Clients who put their trust in you deserve your respect and hard work. When you’re able to solve their problem well, they are more likely to view you as a company who makes things happen.
  3. Provide top-shelf, unsurpassed customer service – A great customer experience means satisfaction, providing an important reason to return again and again. Good service never gets old, it just makes everyone involved feel good.
  4. Make it fun – Employees who enjoy their job and who are recognized for doing good work are more likely to bring an element of joy into a business. In these situations, not only does the employee benefit but so does everyone who encounters them.
  5. Make it memorable – People remember who treat them well and who doesn’t, and that good or bad experience will be shared. It’s up to you to determine which story they end up telling.
  6. Make it successful – The accomplishment of a job well done carries over into the next thing done and often the one after that. Think of success as a series of building blocks to the next good thing.

No One is Perfect
As much as we might like to make it so, the customer experience is never perfect. People have bad days, stresses spill out and there is the eventuality of errors. This is human nature. When mistakes occur, be sure you fix it two-fold. Show through your actions that your clients are your priority, no matter the cost. They will show their satisfaction through word-of-mouth advertising, social media, reviews, testimonials and more. Make each experience so awesome that your client will want to tell your story to everyone they know.

At Staffing Kansas City, we do our best to make our client and candidate experiences fun, fast, easy and most importantly successful. As we move into our 20th year in business and with each successful placement we celebrate, our clients celebrate, and our candidates celebrate. Our stellar reputation is a win-win-win for all!

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