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Why a Customer or Client Referral Means So Much

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Most of us go to work each day with the thought of doing our best. In fact, some of the best days are the times when we find ourselves engaged in work that maximizes our strengths and brings a benefit to those around us. In these moments, we’re able to see that what we do does make a difference. While not every day is going to be a wave-the-banner type of day, it’s always worthwhile to celebrate the wins, no matter their size.

Recognizing the Good in Others
In business, some of the biggest wins are times when good work is recognized by a customer or client. Here an individual or group tells someone else about the positive experience in the form of a referral. This referral becomes a public recognition of a job well done and is one of the highest forms of praise for any company.

Shifting the Focus
Taking the time to make a referral in the form of a phone call, social post or quick email can sometimes feel like one more thing to do, but it’s always worth the time. The interesting thing about a referral is that it works in reverse of the “look at me” approach of most traditional marketing practices. Instead of pushing people to think about your company and services by being in front of them, you’re offering to help and do something for them because it’s the right thing to do. Additionally, these kind of scenarios often feel as positive for the giver as they do for the receiver.

The Value of Providing Referrals

Saving Time: With so many options to choose from, wouldn’t you feel better about choosing based on someone else’s great experience?
Building Trust: Having someone you trust vouch for a service or product takes the unknown out of the equation. The bonus is there’s no need to “sell” someone on the benefits because it’s already been done for you through a past action.
Building Relationships: There’s a good chance one positive interaction can lead to another. When things are working and good things are happening for both parties, it only makes sense to build on the foundation of that relationship today and in the future.

Importance of Recognition
The business of employment staffing is built on relationships, whether that’s an interview between a recruiter and a candidate or a recruiter talking with a client/customer. By working on a one-to-one basis, it becomes easier to see and highlight the things that make a particular job or candidate great and worthwhile for a particular employer. No automated keyword search can begin to match this level of personalization.

Recognizing the things people do well and sharing this with others is beneficial for everyone involved. At Staffing KC, we highly value the discoveries that come from our unique employment recruiting process, and we’re happy to say these often lead to recommendations of the best kind. Thank you to all of our trusted staffing partners. We appreciate what you bring to the table!

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