Staffing Kansas City

Associate Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank all of you for everything you’ve done for our family! We moved to KC from Indiana with no job leads, spent weeks applying to dozens of open positions only to receive no phone calls (despite our extensive work history and educational background). We found your website by searching professional staffing agency online and were impressed by how informative and user friendly your site was. Unlike many others, it required no log on or complicated applicant process. My husband was the first to send in his resume and had a job a week later. It was the same for me. We loved your interview process and both felt that your organization did an exceptional job at listening and matching us, the applicants to an organization. Less than a month later I was hired on at the company full time. Thank you all for your fast, professional and super friendly service! It was our pleasure to get to work with you all. ”

Rebecca Music
Marketing Coordinator

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for giving me an opportunity to get a job through your company. I know how it must have seemed to have a recent college graduate who has left a job after just less than a year and is already looking for something new. I’m not someone who leaves a job until I am all but kicked out the door, so leaving my job at Cerner was difficult. It brought up a lot of issues within me…feelings of incompetence, failure, and an overwhelming feeling that I am unable to make it in the real world. I will not forget me coming to Staffing KC and basically begging for a job, for a chance to prove that I was not all of the things above. Shelley listened to me in my interview and she actually understood where I was coming from. She not only understood, but she validated my overwhelming need to get out of Cerner and made me feel okay with my decision. When I finally got my interview at Penton, I was so excited. Terri and I really seemed to hit it off and that was what I was looking for. I was looking for a manger that seemed to care about her employees as people. It was clear that she did. When Shelley called and was just as excited as I was that I had gotten the job, that made my day. That told me that I was dealing with good people who really care about each individual they help. That meant the world to me. You guys have really helped me get my life back. Yes, I took a pay cut from my job at Cerner to here, but my mental health is phenomenal and I can’t thank you guys enough for everything you’ve done for me.”

Stephanie Sumrall
Customer Service Representative

“When I called, I actually got to talk to someone, not one of those machines. At Staffing Kansas City, I got the job that best suited me and my needs, and I’ve now worked there for 2 years. I enjoyed working for the friendly staff at Staffing Kansas City!”

Jill Schultz
Office Manager

“I know that I probably could’ve found a position without the help of a staffing agency, but I could not have found a job that fit me as well as I did without the help of Staffing Kansas City. They really took into account what I was looking for in a job . . not just what qualities and experience I had. Does that make sense? They really work just as hard for the employee as they do for the employer. And they weren’t finished with me as soon as they found me “a home”. I still feel like I am a part of their family. They were (and still are) great with follow-up. I would tell anyone I know looking for a job in Kansas City to see the girls at Staffing Kansas City! I mean, you are putting your job in their hands. Your job is basically, your means of life. You need to trust a staffing agency. And you can trust Staffing Kansas City with finding you a job, and essentially, a life.”

Kate Chrisman

“While working in the corporate environment for many years, I had many opportunities to work with “temps” and my experiences were not always the best. I found that the average agency was more interested in sending a body than making sure that the person being sent was informed, qualified and prepared to work – whether it was a long-term assignment or a “special project:” assignment. When I retired and decided to look for part-time work, the idea of going to an agency was out of the question (at least in my own mind). But after some time,I found myself at Staffing Kansas City and what a wonderful surprise. They were interested in me and what I could do for one of their clients. They made sure of my expectations and they matched me up to a client. I have been extremely happy with the staff at Staffing Kansas City and would highly recommend this agency to anyone searching for work.”

Jean Fecteau
Retired Human Resources Coordinator

“I was referred to Staffing Kansas City by a friend, and I enthusiastically referred another friend to them in turn. Everyone at Staffing KC is professional and friendly. I could tell that they sincerely wanted to help me find a good fit with a company. I had taken assignments from other agencies in the past, and Staffing KC was by far the best. I was eventually hired by the organization to which Staffing KC assigned me, and I couldn’t be happier with my position. It suits me perfectly. Although I worked hard to earn my place here, I have to thank Staffing KC for finding me a great opportunity that I did not know existed. Thank you, Ladies!”

Grant Writer/Researcher

“I have nothing but great things to say about Staffing Kansas City. I have used their services on a few occasions. Each time they listened to what I wanted and placed me in a great job. They also placed me quickly. It seemed like I had a job within a week or two of calling them. Currently I have been hired with the company that Staffing Kansas City offered me a temp-to-hire position. I couldn’t be happier with my job! The girls at Staffing Kansas City are really friendly and I recommend their services to everyone I know!”

Lauren Hidaka

“I just wanted to email you both and say what a privilege its been working for Staffing KC and the both of you. I have never worked for an agency who has been so supportive, flexible, and great at communication. Who knows where I would have ended up if you had not hired me January 2012? I’m so grateful that you did and I hope that I’ve been a good employee for this last year and a half. If I ever have friends looking for work, I’ll be sure to send them your way.”

Mary Beth Hurst