Staffing Kansas City

Purple Heart Award Winners

Staffing Kansas City, Inc. employees are eligible for a prize and the honor of winning THE PURPLE HEART AWARD. The award will be presented monthly to the employee who demonstrates exceptional valor by displaying a strong work ethic, outstanding communication, unparalleled dedication, along with superior performance and attendance. The candidate will then be eligible to win the EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR.

2020 PURPLE HEART AWARD WINNERS (and the WINNERS of the AMAZON, QUIKTRIP or TARGET gift certificates) are . . .

Kelsey Quintero – January

Dalton Rader – February

Timothy Whittaker – March

Bailey Helling – April

Abby Goodman – May

Hannah Lee – June

Angela Kincaid – July 

Sally Hakenewerth – August 

Diamond Haynes – September

Kevin Bautista – October

Cara LeFebvre – November

We are very proud of our 2019 EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR – Ebony Robinson!

Ebony took a temporary role into a career position using patience and drive to prove herself in a new environment with one of our clients! Ebony exemplifies a professional manner, work ethic and positive attitude. She has been a stellar employee for Staffing Kansas City. 


2019 PURPLE HEART AWARD WINNERS (and the WINNERS of the BEAUTY BRANDS, QUIKTRIP or TARGET gift certificates) are . . .

Andrew McIntyre – January

Jessica Doyle – February

Justin Sackuvich – March

Nicole Wendler – April

Kate King – May

Mary Miller – June

Imelda Gonzalez – July

Tyler Caby – August

Ebony Robinson – September

Maura Sweeney – October

Linda Davitt – November

Cynthia Vaughn – December