Staffing Kansas City

Employment Services

Staffing Kansas City is a full-service employment agency that provides “Top Performers” to KC companies in secretarial, clerical, sales, accounting and customer service positions as well as on-site mailroom, document center and call center management.

Our Employment Services:

Temporary Placements

Staffing Kansas City provides qualified, pre-screened candidates for short-term and long-term staffing. Whether it is a last-minute emergency hire, a planned vacation fill, or additional staff to cover a seasonal influx of business, qualified help is only a phone call away.

Contract-to-Hire Placements

What is the contract-to-hire program?
Contract-to-hire is an authentic “try before you buy” concept in employee recruitment. As part of our contract-to-hire program, Staffing Kansas City advertises, recruits, tests (via Kenexa Prove It! assessments), checks references and provides qualified candidates for your every need. Since each contract-to-hire employment candidate may become a permanent hire within your company, Staffing Kansas City always suggests that you conduct a secondary, in-house interview with the recommended candidates and pick the one that best fits your culture and needs. The selected candidate will work on our payroll for a certain amount of hours at a bill rate less than your actual cost. After that point, you may shift them to your in-house payroll without any additional fees!!

What is our guarantee?
If at any time you are not satisfied with the candidate, for whatever reason, Staffing Kansas City will go through the selection process with your company again. The hours accrued by the first candidate will be applied to the replacement candidate. Your company is guaranteed an employee that fits your needs.

Why use the contract-to-hire program?
With a shortage of skilled workers who possess an excellent work ethic, the cost of recruiting the ideal candidate can be considerable. The time and money invested in advertising, screening resumes, reference checking, interviewing and training adds up. Then, if the candidate you hire does not work out, you have to go through this costly and time-consuming process again. The contract-to-hire program from Staffing Kansas City eliminates these costly and time-consuming factors.

Direct Hire Placements

For permanent placements, our fee is a percentage of the first year’s compensation. Our guarantee: should the candidate’s employment end within the first ninety (90) days, Staffing Kansas City will replace them at no additional charge.

All Placement Services Include:

  • Pre-qualified interview candidates
  • Pre-employment skills assessment
  • Criminal background checks
  • Drug screening, if requested (Additional Charge)
  • Credit check, if requested (Additional Charge)
  • DMV check, if requested (Additional Charge)
  • Replacement guarantee