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Happy Thanksgiving

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Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

During some time in our life we’ve probably been encouraged to have an attitude of gratitude. Typically, this advice comes from a well-meaning individual who is encouraging a change in perspective and a reason to look on the bright side of things. Depending on the moment and the giver of the advice, this might be easy or difficult.

Finding a Reason
As nice as it can feel to improve things for someone else, gratitude for ourselves starts from within. It is something sought out and personal. Gratitude enlarges and grows things that are easy to overlook in the hustle and bustle of life. It has the power to take small things and make them feel bigger and more special.

If you’re ready to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, start small recognizing the things that feel unique to you for no reason. This can be something as simple as noticing the greeting a pet gives you when you open your eyes in the morning, the smell of freshly brewed coffee sipped from a mug given to you by someone special or the relief of a cancelled meeting amid an overwhelming day. The potential magic comes in the viewing of each moment and for best results, gratitude is best practiced in small, frequent doses.

Creating a Habit
Habitual recognition of these important moments has the potential to multiply depending on how often we choose to notice them. By drawing attention to the positive, we consciously shift to see more of the good than the bad. Over time, this becomes a habit of noticing the good, which can create greater satisfaction anytime we need positive emotions. Looking for these moments each day gives us new reasons to be grateful and keeps our perceptions fresh.

Gratitude in the Workplace
Considering how much time we spend in the workplace, is there validity in practicing gratitude at work, too? Many agree that there is, as this article published last year in Fast Company demonstrates the many benefits of an attitude of gratitude on the job. The piece written by Stephanie Vozza cited three benefits of workplace gratitude.

  1. Improvement in the corporate culture – gratitude is directly linked to appreciation. When someone feels appreciated, they are more likely to go the extra mile and demonstrate increased satisfaction in doing their work.
  2. Strengthening of Teams – positive actions and emotions generate more positivity. Most of us know that it’s easier to work with someone who is positive than negative. Finding reasons to feel grateful for your daily work and the contributions of others can make work relationships more than simple transactions.
  3. More motivating than money and longer lasting. Unlike a financial amount, gratitude provides a halo effect. The person receiving the gratitude feels better and they are more likely to look for ways to provide others with the same benefit.

During this season of gratitude and giving, take a pause for yourself and count your own blessings. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Staffing KC.

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