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Summer Employment for College Seniors Can Lead to Permanent Placement

Obviously, the college school year has come to an end, summer is here, and many college students are already looking for work to carry them through the season. Summer jobs are essential for college students, due simply to the fact that they help students apply much of what they’ve learned during the school year and grow their experience with the working world. From a purely monetary standpoint, it’s nice to be able to return to college in late August with a tidy little bit of summer employment cash built up in the bank account. But, what if you could return to your senior year in the autumn with a potential employer in your pocket? How would the opportunity for a permanent employment situation after graduation make your senior year easier? It’s possible, you know. But, you have to play your cards right.

According to college enrollment statistics, there are about 21 million college students home for the summer, and a large percentage of them are eagerly looking for work. That makes the job market extremely tight for those who live in regions that are home to a major university (or two!). But that doesn’t mean a determined college student can’t get a good job that may serve as a bridge to full-time, permanent employment after graduation.

“It’s all in who you know” is an old saying in job hunting. And while a well-developed professional network is beneficial for job hunters, there aren’t many graduating college seniors who have a wealth of high-level connections to their LinkedIn profile. It’s certain that you’ll build and grow your professional network over time, but when you’re just starting out, you may need a little help getting a foot in the door here and there. That’s where a professional staffing agency (such as Staffing Kansas City in Overland Park) can be a powerful ally.

Think of a staffing agency as a direct line to HR departments and hiring managers in companies and organizations across the KC Metropolitan Area. If you’re a well-qualified candidate for almost any type of job, a staffing agency has the power to get you in the door. And in an age where nearly every job application process is run by a pitiless “application submission form” on the company website, a personal connection to an insider who has the power to hire is a rarity indeed. This is obviously a benefit to the college student looking to find temporary summer work in an industry or market related to their major, but it’s also an important first step toward permanent employment after graduation. In other words, a good summer job can easily become a career opportunity after graduation. And it’s a benefit to the hiring managers as well! For companies that utilize staffing agencies to help fill their summer vacancies with temporary workers (and there are a lot of participating companies in the Kansas City area, by the way), there’s a unique opportunity for them to see college talent on the job and groom the best of the best for permanent hire. A win-win situation!

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