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Why Top Talent in KC Utilizes Staffing Firms for Employment

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For Kansas City top talent – those who offer a range of skills, education, and experience that is valuable to employers – exploring employment opportunities is often a challenge. Some of the challenge stems from the time commitment that is required to research opportunities and companies. And although much of this research is performed online, there still exists a great amount of time and effort that must be put into filling out online forms, leveraging social networks, sending e-mail, and responding to postings. This time and effort challenge is even greater when they are already employed but looking to make a career or company change. Simply put, looking for work is a full-time job in itself. But there are other challenges facing qualified job seekers – competition and anonymity being two of the most significant.

In the present economy, professional employment opportunities are still in short supply. As a consequence, many HR departments that have open positions are flooded with responses. Unfortunately, this flood of résumés includes volumes that offer no skills or experience match to the requirements of the position. For genuinely-qualified job seekers who have no inside contacts at the companies they’re applying to, this means that their résumé and cover letter may be literally buried in a pile of unequal competitors. And when a job opportunity presents itself as a good match for skills, education, and experience, the frustration of submitting a résumé to an unknown HR staffer within the company – without the opportunity for discussion – is not appealing. On the opposite side of the hiring process, the job of the HR Assistant becomes all-the-more difficult when it devolves into sorting through the stacks – looking for someone who can fill their open position. The “needle in a haystack” analogy is never more appropriate than in these cases. This is why top talent in Kansas City utilizes staffing firms for employment opportunities.

In their primary role, KC staffing firms (such as Staffing Kansas City, Inc.) act as an advocate for top talent. Staffing firms have existing relationships with companies and are able to quickly and easily circumnavigate the haystack and put résumés directly into the hands of the decision makers. In turn, job seekers are afforded a fast-track to the desk of a company insider that has the ability to hire. At the same time, company decision makers are only presented with candidates and résumés that are a good match to the job they are attempting to fill. And as confidentiality can be an issue with currently-employed job seekers, the use of a KC staffing firm presents even greater benefits. Given that job hunting while employed may result in an unwanted termination, employed job seekers simply looking for advancement or a career change, often do not want their résumés floating around town on open networks. Utilizing a staffing firm greatly minimizes these chances. The process is confidential, simple, and (most importantly) successful for all parties.