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Translating the Job Search

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There’s no denying it, initiating a job search can be a stressful time. Even considering the thought of a job search can put you in limbo as you decide whether or not to take the leap to find something new. Ironically even in the midst of an environment where we don’t enjoy the work or the people, merely having a job provides a level of comfort. For some this might include the security of knowing what to expect each day or simply having the regularity of a steady paycheck. If any those elements change as the result of a layoff or the personal decision to look for another job this is a time when being open-minded and ready to explore become critical.

Defining what you Want

Rest assured feeling like a fish out of water during a job search is both normal and temporary. In actuality, looking for a new job can turn into a time of great personal growth. This is often a time when individuals begin to articulate what they want and do not want out of a job position. Part of the education process also includes understanding the terminology or lingo of the job search. This way you can make sure you’re in alignment with the employment situation that best suits your short- or long-term needs.

Temporary Placements – Just as it sounds, temporary placements provide a way for quality candidates to fill short- and long-term temporary staffing needs for clients. During this placement time, candidates remain an employee of the staffing agency.

“Contract to Hire” Placements – A smart way for job seekers to “try before they buy.” During a set amount of hours candidates will remain on the payroll of the staffing agency. After this period, clients have the option to convert the employee to their company payroll. The biggest benefit of contract-to-hire positions is candidates have the opportunity to work within a particular environment before accepting full-time or part-time work. Conversely, this gives employers a sneak peek into how an employee will perform. If either party is dissatisfied or skeptical about the working relationship or the cultural fit moving forward, both parties are free to part ways.

Direct Hire Placements – Direct hire is one of the more traditional job search methods. Once a job candidate passes the screening and interview process, the employer extends a permanent job offer to the candidate.

Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency

The job search world gets bigger all the time. LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder and various job boards are just a sampling of the many places you would need to check to find a new position. Once there, you’re on the job hunt alone. Staffing Kansas City, a full-service employment agency works with small- to medium-size companies to offer secretarial, sales, accounting, clerical, customer service and professional placements throughout the Kansas City area. By partnering with a staffing recruiter you’ll have the inside track on the best jobs without the hassle of multiple online job searches.

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