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How to Retain Your Existing Employees

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Why Are Our Employees Leaving?

At Staffing Kansas City, we believe the job recruitment process is a partnership. This means teaming with clients to find the right candidates and helping them retain those employees. While most recruitment processes focus solely on hiring, there’s rarely a plan for combatting the departure of new hires and long-term employees.

In the staffing business, the hiring of quality candidates is only the beginning. It’s just as important, maybe even more so, to retain new and existing employees over the long-term by cultivating a culture that encourages contribution and growth. Without such considerations, employees enjoying the benefits of a candidate’s market can choose from any number of employers who will benefit from their skills and talents.

As a valued partner in the recruitment process, it is the commitment of Staffing Kansas City to brainstorm with clients why employees are leaving the company. Is it the manager? The pay? Benefits or lack of benefits? Rarely, is the answer just one thing, but having an outside perspective can help pinpoint the cause(s) and find ways to solve the issues. Companies who want to prevent the departure of valued employees must be ready to examine the culture, management and internal processes to figure out the problem before it gets worse.

Open communication and long-term trust inform this process, relying on each partner understanding and respecting their side of the business. The client/company partnership works best when it includes openness, communication and compromise. Staffing Kansas City recruiters cannot assist properly if companies are unwilling to explore the process and potentially make changes, if necessary. Engaging in this exploratory process with a staffing expert holds the potential to create a long-term positive return on a client’s recruiting, a lasting investment of time and money.

Staffing Kansas City takes great pride in being a part of our clients’ success. We place top-quality candidates with employers throughout the Kansas City metro area and want to insure these employees stay with the employer over the long term.

Why Are Our Employees Leaving is the third of a multi-part series from Staffing Kansas City featuring some of the most frequently asked client questions.

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