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The Value of a Staffing Firm

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I know everyone has placed an ad only to receive hundreds of resumes and only a handful with the skills/experience requested. Using a staffing firm to recruit, review resumes, and screen candidates for your specific need is not only a timesaving way to hire but also cost effective. The fees associated with retaining a staffing firm for your hiring needs, are minimal comparatively when considering your time in dollar value.

staffing firm is in business to recruit qualified job candidates. Each resume that reaches our desk receives a thorough screening by experienced recruiters who look to provide personnel services with a personal touch. When the recruitment team identifies jobseekers with the requested experience, it’s time to call for a telephone interview. Done well, the conversation between the staffing recruiter and the potential job candidate should provide further confirmation of an experience match. Now it’s time to schedule a face-to-face interview with the potential candidate.

Matching Employee and Culture While the right skills remain critical to a good placement, an employee’s fit within a company culture is also important to enhancing employee engagement and reducing unnecessary turnover. During the face-to-face interview, a recruiter can identify if the employee’s personality is a good match for the company culture. If the recruiter determines a satisfactory match, next steps include calling employment references and conducting skills testing.

Always-On Recruiting Hiring for a position is one of the most important and challenging jobs for any company, and there is a lot that goes into recruiting the perfect candidate. One of the biggest differentiators between hiring and recruitment and practicing other skills within a company is the necessity for a human element. This is distinctly different from the black and white skills required with numbers or data. Working with experienced recruiters streamlines critical hiring processes, ensuring you have the profiles of top performers on your desk in a timely manner.

Specialized Attention Saves Time It is a job seeker’s market right now. This means identification of the perfect candidate requires you, the client, to move forward in the hiring process. If this process doesn’t occur in a swift manner, the candidate will accept another offer because top performers have several offers on the table. Successful identification of the perfect candidate is never a fluke. It’s the result of strong networks and 24/7 recruitment designed to save time for the client and the job seeker. Don’t take the chance of ruining the perfect pairing by trying to negotiate after the fact or requesting a cheaper rate after the fact. Mistakes and missed employment opportunities cost a company on many levels. Staffing recruiters save time and money for a company, so use their knowledge and resources wisely and value the service they provide.

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