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Staffing Kansas City: Not Just a Temp Service

Contract employees have gone by many names over the decades. Depending on the kind of work they were hired to perform, they may have been referred to as steno pool workers, secretaries, or Kelly Girls (administrative assistant work), temporary workers, temps, or day laborers (for any kind of manual labor), contractors or consultants (for various white-collar jobs), and contingents, job-shoppers, or non-employees (for other, less-defined positions). And although most of these names are archaic, politically-incorrect, and better left forgotten, we all know that the role of the contract employee has been a historically valuable one for businesses who required their services.

Contract employees of all types have helped companies and businesses large and small fill short-term staffing or labor needs since before the start of the Industrial Revolution. Many contract employees have helped companies respond to sudden demands in the marketplace and grow from small-office start-ups to global market leaders. Yes, contract employees are an invaluable labor resource. The U.S. economy wouldn’t be nearly as strong and vibrant as it is today without the help of millions of contract workers in nearly every sector of the economy. But there have been many changes in the temporary or contract labor force over the decades. Right now, at this very moment, another change is taking place. And it’s taking place at the staffing agencies that provide contract employees.

We’ve all heard the phrase “You’ve come a long way, baby” which was popularized by the Virginia Slims cigarette brand. This slogan is also very true in the staffing agency industry today. Gone are the days of the temp-services-only staffing agency – those agencies that operated like a revolving door for contract workers who were constantly coming and going to/from one job or another. Applicants in. Contract workers out. Here’s the address. Show up on time. Make sure your name is clearly marked on your lunch. And don’t forget to pick up your paycheck on Friday.

Staffing agencies – such as Staffing Kansas City – have evolved and become full-service employment partners that offer a number of valuable services. Now, staffing agencies not only provide top-quality contract employees to fit nearly any labor need, but they’re also a resource for contract-to-hire, direct hire, and payroll services. At Staffing Kansas City in Overland Park, the labor resources we provide breakdown as 69% contract-to-hire, 24% direct hires, 5% temporary placements, and 2% payroll services. In addition, Staffing Kansas City also provides Human Resources solutions to businesses of all sizes. Whether the business has a need for someone to answer its worker’s comp questions, EEOC compliance questions, or address industry pay standards, Staffing Kansas City has the resources to address each with the professionalism and proficiency of a well-informed, well-staffed, in-house HR department.

Staffing agencies like Staffing Kansas City are now employment experts, able to assist HR departments at large companies or act as the HR department for small and mid-sized companies. And with Staffing Kansas City, consulting services are free of charge to our clients. So whether you say temp service provider, staffing agency, or employment partner, keep in mind that the agency does much, much more than provide short-term or long-term contract employees!

This article is brought to you by Staffing Kansas City, a full-service Kansas City employment agency that provides contract-to-hire, direct hire, temporary placements, and permanent employment services.