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Are you a good coach/mentor for your employees?

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Feedback for Career and Life Success

There are times when all of us could benefit from a little guidance. In the workplace, mentors, coaches and peers can fill this role, helping employees explore ways to apply their skills and chart a future path to success. Coaching can be as simple as having a conversation or may consist of a formal program of scheduled meetings and milestone setting.

Providing Career Feedback
In either case, feedback may be one of the most important things a coach or mentor can provide. This is an opportunity to ask questions and bounce around ideas about everything from career planning to building leadership skills. Coaching can also happen between peers. Sometimes a seasoned employee in the organization can be the perfect person to help a newer employee navigate a work environment or chart a path of career advancement.

Google Uses the GROW Model

  1. Offer timely and specific feedback
  2. Give thoughtful and motivational assessments even when it’s difficult
  3. Accommodate individual communication styles in one-on-one meetings
  4. Actively listen with empathy and stay present
  5. Be open to different mindsets
  6. Ask open-ended questions

Grow Model

Career and Life Success
You possess a front row seat to what’s currently going on and what, if anything, might need to change to make reaching your goals a reality. While it’s tempting to look to someone else for all the answers, in the end it’s about you. Only you know what you want to accomplish in your career and in life. A coach or mentor is a support figure, someone there to guide you and help you explore possibilities. By taking these steps, you get closer to making the best decision for you.

Visualize Goals
One way to explore this is with mind mapping. This is a technique to help you visualize your steps to success. Armed with a pen and a dose of creativity, it’s time to put your big goals down on paper. For example, if you’re looking to map out success for the year, start by writing down 2019 in the middle of the paper. Then draw spokes outward to the goals you hope to achieve. Add other spokes to represent actionable steps needed to succeed. These goals can include anything that’s important to you, from friends and family to career, hobbies, health, finances and more. Seeing everything in one place is a great way to decide where to focus your efforts first. The visual is also a method to share your ideas and a reference point for feedback or advice. Go through the process as many times as needed to refine your goals and find the path that’s right for you. The sky’s the limit.