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Sourcing Talent with a Personal Approach

Sourcing Talent with a Personal Approach

Technology relies on the accurate interpretation and leveraging of data, and it’s a now common part of the lexicon of a growing number of industries. As a result, data is no longer just a nice-to-have, it’s part of a larger toolkit that can enhance effective employment recruitment strategies and on-demand sourcing.

Don’t Neglect the Personal
As more and more companies rely on data-driven sourcing tools, it’s easy to see the wider-reaching appeal of data for decision making. As a result, more time and money is spent crunching the numbers as proof of return on investment or ROI. Despite its increasing use, data comes with a potential danger of overreliance on the numbers. While the clear-cut approach is reassuring with money on the line, there remains one thing data can never predict, the human element.

Data vs. the Real World
The straightforward nature of data can easily blind businesses to a simple fact. Data is a tool but people do the work. Part of being human includes the need to interact with other people. Unlike data, humans can be unpredictable at times, not following reasonable logic or order. The human element adds a level of instability in an otherwise straightforward interaction, one no amount of data crunching or algorithms can predict. Nor will data be able to understand the uniqueness of a human with the need to grow and advance, to be appreciated and to be a part of something larger than oneself.

When Technology Doesn’t Compute
In hiring, it’s tempting to solely rely on data, but human interaction remains critical in identifying the right candidate for skills that fit in an organization. While it might feel more efficient to use pre-recorded phone/video interviews, you could be missing out on “perfect fit” candidates. Instead of an all-or-nothing approach, consider the real need of people wanting and needing to talk to other humans. When it comes to interviews, people interact with live people better than a telephone or computer screen. The people element allows for natural reaction to voices, sounds, other individuals, something a recording on the phone or a pre-recorded video screen could never provide. Technology can also mask the real candidate. Without the benefit of one human talking to another, will you know if you just missed the most qualified candidate for your job?

Defining the Persona
Data is always an important starting point but it’s important to also be clear about who you want in the position. Candidate personas can help in the creation of composite profiles, helping to get the most from the hiring process. Personas can include biographical data, work skills and history, skills, success traits and common pain points associated with the role. Using personas along with in-person interactions can provide a measure of data-based personalization that can help determine performance, fit and retention. Hiring the right person for the right role requires “Personnel Services with a Personal Touch”, that includes the use of candidate personas and face-to-face interviews as part of a larger recruiting process.

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