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Employment With Small to Mid-Size Companies

Reasons to Consider Employment With Small to Mid-Size Companies

Over the years, we’ve been trained to choose larger “big name” entities. This could be anything from shopping at a large national business to eating in a franchised restaurant. But lately we’ve discovered the uniqueness of the smaller player, the one who seems to be a bit more in tune with the needs of its customers. This is a trend we see playing out across businesses of all kinds. These are the small players who look for a niche to satisfy a consumer need and provide great service in the process.

Go Small to Think Big
It’s becoming more common for consumers to seek out “boutique” businesses for personalized customer experiences but we often times fail to apply this strategy when it comes to finding a job. Small to medium sized companies can offer employees a higher level of personalization and can be a smart choice for employment. In the Kansas City market, most businesses rank in the small to medium size range. In technical terms, small means a business employs 100 people or fewer. Small businesses employed more than half of the state’s private workforce, making up 96.5 percent of all the employers in Kansas, according to a report from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The employment recruiters at Staffing Kansas City work with businesses of all sizes, matching candidates with employers, including many small to mid-size companies in the Kansas City metro.

Smaller Company Perks

  • Smaller teams mean employees can assume more responsibility
  • Success depends on a whole-team approach
  • More ability to see the day-to-day workings of the business
  • Flatter reporting structure with fewer levels of management
  • Chance to build relationships between manager and employee
  • Easier to submit pitches and proposals to higher management
  • Freedom to try out new solutions and take creative risks

Weighing the Options
Don’t shy away from opportunities at smaller companies. They often times offer competitive compensation, growth opportunities and wonderful working environments. They can offer a path of career options that can be shorter and more distinct than that of a larger establishment, allowing more chances to get noticed and reach income potential sooner.

Why Staffing Kansas City
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