Staffing Kansas City

Perfect Time to Graduate

Entering the Career World

Spring Break is in the rear-view mirror and the next major milestones will be finals and then graduation. What comes next is the culmination of hard work and initiative over many semesters and a time for celebrating your skills and experiences. It’s also a time of excitement and a little bit of fear.

If you’re stressing about what comes next, rest assured there are many options for those ready to make the move to the next level. Let’s begin with some good news. You’re graduating during a candidate’s market. That means the job market favors job seekers with employers often vying for the same qualified candidates. It also means lower unemployment and a perfect time to bring your hard-won skills to employers.

Where to Watch
In 2019, the job scene continues to change with the need for people in professional services continuing to grow. Professional services include a range of opportunities such as accounting, advertising, marketing, research, translation, photography and legal services to name just a few. Working with a Staffing Kansas City Recruiter means you’ll learn about multiple positions with companies throughout the Kansas City metro area. Our process is easy, and here’s what to expect.

The Process
We want to get to know you so expect an interview where you share your skills and experiences and ask questions to learn more about a role or company. Before you arrive, consider what you want in a job. Do you want to build on skills learned in school or previous internships or are you open to exploring new roles and new industries? Knowing what you’re looking for helps us align possible opportunities with prior experience.

We will also want to know your strengths and weaknesses. These are part of what make each of us who we are, so don’t be afraid to share. Now is also the time to showcase your skills and prior work history, including promotions/advancements. No matter what, be honest with your recruiter. Under- or over-selling your skills is never a benefit and may result in a job match that’s less than satisfactory.

How to Prep

  • Bring a resume and names, addresses and phone numbers of prior workplaces
  • Consider what kind of work or industries sound interesting
  • Practice sharing the story of your skills, experience and education
  • Come with an open mind ready for new possibilities

Job Search Partner
One of the biggest benefits to working with Staffing Kansas City, is we’re always on the lookout for new talent and often know about job openings before they’re posted online. Because we work directly with the candidate and the hiring client, we can share important information about the role, working environment and company culture. Doesn’t this sound better than submitting a generic application or dropping off a resume and hoping for the best? Come talk to the career recruiters at Staffing Kansas City and see for yourself, the difference working with an employment agency can make.