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Not Enough Time in Your Day

You’re Never Too Busy to Engage a Staffing Specialist

Have you noticed the response to the question, “How are you?” or “How was your weekend?” is often greeted with the response of “busy”? When did we become so tied up in the minutiae of life that we no longer have the desire (or energy) to share the good or the bad? Maybe it’s because offering an explanation feels like one more thing to do, or perhaps it’s because we feel that the answer won’t be heard because, yep, the other person is too busy.

Bursting the Assumptions

Like it or not, most of us are in a situation where it feels like there’s more to do in a day than the hours to get it done properly. As a result, this feeling of time-crunch often has us pushing off or consolidating the important things to a bare minimum. If you’re one of the time-starved HR specialists who’s in charge of hiring you probably know just what we’re talking about.

Case in point: the IN box brimming over with emails and resumes that may or may not be the solution for your latest job opening. Once opened, you may find these emails show the individual has the right talents, experience and education, but the big unknown is if these individuals are also the right fit for the company and its culture. Multiply this scenario by each job position and you have a situation that could potentially keep you busy from now until retirement.

When it’s Time to Seek Assistance

Considering most HR departments provide much more than job recruitment and staffing to a business, it can be worthwhile to outsource these services to a staffing company. A professional staffing company exists to recruit and qualify the right candidates for any kind of position. This service is enhanced by the relationships staffing recruiters have with the very people and businesses they recruit for.

The magic of a staffing firm is built around a foundation of dialogue and trust between the staffing agency and each employer-client. In addition to a thorough skills assessment process, each job candidate goes through an interview process to determine if they are the right personality for the job and the company.

Ways to Ensure a Better Hiring Fit

  • Create job descriptions by collaborating with the people who know and understand the needs of the position
  • Take time to look beyond the paper or screen for personality and behavioral aspects that could be an asset or detriment to the position in the short- and long-term
  • Rather than asking the standard questions, strive for a conversation about the position and encourage the candidate to ask questions
  • Take time to listen to what the candidate is saying beyond the basic Q&A
  • Leave consideration for life experience and on-the-job learning

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