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Job Seeker Screening Process

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What’s Your Candidate Screening Process?

Hiring is a time-consuming and potentially costly endeavor. Precious time spent in the hiring process is time that cannot be spent in other ways, such as meeting with existing and potential clients and looking for ways to move the business forward. That’s why it makes sense to outsource your staffing needs to experts who are always out the lookout for the right candidates.

The screening process begins with a candidate filling out Staffing Kansas City’s online application. Once a candidate submits their application, Staffing Kansas City’s hiring experts will review their work experience. If the experience and skillset mirror clients’ needs, a telephone interview will take place. The phone call is an opportunity for both parties to determine if they want to work together. If the answer is yes, Staffing Kansas City will schedule a face-to-face interview in their Overland Park office.

A face-to-face interview with a recruiter provides an opportunity for the candidate to discuss previous work history and for the recruiter to hear what they want to do, understand the types of companies and jobs they’re interested in working for and their desired compensation.

After the interview, information is entered into proprietary software. When a client calls with a staffing request, it’s easy to call up a variety of candidates with specific skills. Using our thorough screening process, we know the job seekers who come up in the search have the right skills.

Once identified, the recruiter will call the candidate to discuss the opportunity, client company, culture, and pay. If they show interest, their information, including a resume, interview notes and skill test results will be sent to the hiring manager of the potential employer. If deemed acceptable, the client is ready to conduct interviews. After the client makes a job offer, Staffing Kansas City runs a criminal background check.

Staffing Kansas City Hiring Process

  • Staffing Kansas City face-to-face meeting with Hiring Manager
  • Proposal for top 2-3 potential employment candidate resumes
  • An Interview is scheduled and follow-up for feedback
  • Employment offer
  • Progress follow-up
  • Satisfaction guarantee

The Candidate Screening Process is the first in a multi-part series from Staffing Kansas City featuring some of the most frequently asked client questions.

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