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Why it’s Smart to Job Hunt During the Holidays

Are you one of the many who believe full-time job prospects are few and far between this time of year? Think again. Hiring during the holiday season isn’t just about finding a temporary, short-term assignment. On the contrary, businesses run year-round, which means the need for qualified workers remains throughout the year.

Change of Mindset
The holiday lull in hiring is a perpetuating myth that too many candidates accept as fact. Somehow, we’ve come to believe that holiday merrymaking brings business to a standstill. On the contrary, most companies continue with business-as-usual and may even extend hours to accommodate increased business.

Convinced Yet?
If you’re in the market for a new position, the stretch from October through December is a great time to stand out when applying for a new job. Here’s the low-down on why this is true. Too many potential job candidates believe the myth of limited opportunities at the end of the year. Fewer candidates equals more opportunities. Knowing this, is there any reason you wouldn’t want to apply?

The simple act of applying is a way to break away from the crowd with an important message to potential employers. You are serious about finding a job. Holiday or no holiday, continuing the job search demonstrates you’re an applicant who is looking for the right fit for their skills and personality. With this small effort you’ve already made a great first impression by refusing to use the holidays as an excuse to dial down the intensity of a job search, and with a click of the mouse you’ve demonstrated drive and ambition, which is always a smart thing to show a potential employer.

Fourth Quarter Gain
Job candidates who continue to job search and submit applications also have the law of averages on their side. With fewer applicants making the effort, those who decide to apply have a better chance of getting noticed by an employer. The other advantage of applying at the end of the year is that current employees are typically less busy, allowing more time to thoughtfully review resumes and applications without the normal stress. The employee who lands a job during this time gains the advantage of a relaxed time to acclimate to a new environment, meet co-workers and learn the position before the new year begins.

Keep Connections Current
Even if you’re not intent on finding a new job right away, use the holiday season to your advantage. The festive season is a great time to reconnect with potential leads. Use these two months to take someone to coffee and inquire about a new job opportunity or book some time with a friend to brush up on your resume or interview skills. Even if an opportunity doesn’t present itself right away, this preparation time will be invaluable when the call comes.

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