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Making a Change is Hard

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Hack the Resolution in 2018

Making a change is hard. It’s uncomfortable, challenging and it can create what feels like unnecessary mental and emotional turmoil. But it’s this same discomfort that allows new things to happen, whether that’s the beginning of a new relationship or ending a job to find something better.

Know the Reason
For many of us, the decision to change is personal. The desire is the result of wanting something more or something bigger than we had before. This may be just for ourselves or it might be something that also benefits friends and family. Whatever the reason might be, it’s important to write down the desired change and record the reasons for wanting the change.

Without getting clear on the why, it’s difficult to create the necessary willpower needed when times get tough. But willpower alone is never enough. Its strength lies in practice. Without additional support it’s all too easy to become one of the 80% who don’t keep their resolutions beyond February.

Set a Plan
Making a desired change is rarely accomplished in one go. Instead, it’s the result of smaller steps practiced each day or multiple times a day that allow us to eventually create a habit. When a habit becomes engrained it becomes easier to see the change as necessary. If the necessity of creating the change isn’t clear, it’s harder to make the continued effort to make these changes. In these moments, it’s a good time to look for insights and inspiration from others who have been through a similar process. Their stories of success are a reminder that with dedication and hard work, positive results can happen.

Get a Coach
Gathering the opinions of family and friends can be helpful but if the change could be perceived as threatening in any way, those individuals might not be a true support system when times get tough. This is where the benefit of coaching comes in. This could include the hire of a business coach, personal trainer or life coach, any professional whose primary job is to provide expertise toward achieving your goal and offer support and advice along the way. They will also give feedback and provide encouragement when you are doubting yourself.

Measure the Success
As nice as it might be to just wish to snap our fingers and make things happen; success rarely occurs overnight. The road is often paved with setbacks and hard-to-recognize milestones. If you don’t record and measure those moments, good and bad, it can be difficult to see the overall progress and seeing incremental wins are critical to long-term success.

Make 2018 Yours
This year, make smart resolutions with the support of an optimized system and the right people on your team. Then perhaps keep track of your progress in a journal, taking time to recognize what’s working and being thankful for each successful milestone achieved. All of us here at Staffing Kansas City wish you the best of luck in 2018!

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