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A Bridge to Permanent Employment

Transitioning from Summer Employment to Permanent Placement

Too often, summer employment is viewed by students and new graduates as a short-term experience, something done for a couple of months to bridge the gap between semesters or simply a place to earn some cash for the next phase. What you might not see is that a summer job can be much more than a source of temporary work. Instead, summer work holds the potential for testing out classroom skills in real-world environments or perhaps even a foray into a full-time job after graduation.

Choosing Wisely
Bridging the gap between just-a-job and a potential future career begins with some important thought and research on the front end. Sometimes this process can be as simple as knowing what you want to achieve out of your summer employment experience. Is this a job meant to be a resume builder and introduction to potential employers and contacts or is it merely a job to pay the bills? The answer is unique to the individual and there is no right or wrong answer; but knowing which is right for you can make the employment experience more worthwhile.

Direct Connection
If a summer job means making the most of your college experience and skills to date, it’s worthwhile to start the search with a professional staffing agency. Staffing experts are trained to guide college candidates and new grads toward full- and part-time experiences that can complement existing skill sets and soft skill traits in a way that provides critical real-world experience.

Get a Jump
Unlike help wanted ads that are here today and potentially gone tomorrow, staffing firms are always connected to companies hiring in the area. This constant communication means business partners are always in contact, looking for the right skills and fit within the culture. Because new job opportunities are always coming their way, staffing agencies are constantly on the lookout for new talent.

Working with an employment recruiter is also a great way to cut through the hiring clutter. Instead of submitting resumes and applications to a generic email or applicant tracking systems, candidates have the benefit of working with a real person, someone who’s trained to ask the right questions and to learn more about a candidate than what a resume or application states. Working with a staffing recruiter can also build connections that lead toward the foundation of a professional network that has the potential to grow over time. The old saying remains true, it really is who you know.

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