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Building a Successful Relationship Between Employer and Staffing Agency

Hiring and employee retention is a critical part of maintaining a successful business. Those who work with a staffing agency know the advantage of partnering with a recruiter to source a candidate for a specific role with the right interpersonal skills. Engaging with a staffing agency should save a client time in the recruiting process as well as create a positive return on value.

When deciding on a staffing firm, it’s important to know if those you contract with are working on an old-school model built on cold calling and limited marketing or a digital model that considers candidate needs and evolving client leads. The Undercover Recruiter has a great infographic that breaks down what makes a recruiting agency successful today.

Steps to Building a Successful Recruiting Relationship

Partnership – Successful recruiting is based on knowing what a company needs and understanding the skills and personality needed in a candidate. This includes using “Personnel Services with a Personal Touch” to know which Top Performers will be the best fit when a company needs additional staff or temporary help to cover a seasonal influx of business, vacations or medical leave coverages.

Mutual Respect – A good staffing partnership relies on each party knowing their side of the business. A quality job recruiter is always on the lookout for the right fit with a variety of candidates who they know beyond their digital footprint. Successful partnerships require respect for each other’s business and reputation as well as regard for the day-to-day work. Businesses who work with a qualified recruiter know that when presented with a candidate the individual is the right fit, having the needed skill set and the interpersonal skills required.

Open Communication – Good communication is built on honesty, regular feedback and consistent check-ins. This means working with a staffing agency that places a priority on the human element of the recruitment process. This includes meeting candidates face-to-face and again, looking beyond a digital footprint. Quality communication also includes honest feedback. If a candidate turns out to not be the right fit, this necessitates a conversation to determine what can be improved moving forward. Without this level of transparency, it’s harder to maintain a level of mutual respect for all involved.

Trust – The importance of trust reaches far beyond a one-off interaction. It’s something that includes the client, the candidate and the professionals in the staffing agency. In the digital age, word of mouth is even more important and both good and bad news travel fast through the social networks. Expecting the best outcome while respecting the work of all partners is an ongoing recipe for success.

Moving Forward

Technology continues to change the nature of the recruiting process, often for the good. New applications and software make it easier and quicker with less need for cold calling to generate leads. As you look for the right recruitment agency for your business needs, ask around, do your research and continually evaluate if the partnership offers the necessary access to talent, professionalism and brand maturity for your recruiting investment.

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