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The True Value of a Staffing Agency

Life as a business owner is a continual act of time and money management. With this comes an always-changing question of how to recognize the worth of one’s time and the choice of how to make the most of the time available each day. The use of time, whether mental, emotional and/or financial, communicates what’s important to the individual and to the business.

Choosing Wisely
From the time we’re very young we’re encouraged not to waste time. While strangely undefinable, the concept of time can invoke anxiety. To negate the loss of precious time, many employ time-saving methods such as following a schedule/regime or downloading the newest time-saving app. While these hacks all have merit, the methods can create a false level of confidence suggesting more hours to get things done during the day. But as the clock always proves, there are only so many hours in the day.

So, why not put time to work by dividing and distributing important tasks to the experts? Case in point, most find it normal to rely on the experts to soothe a sore tooth, resolve a dead car battery or sculpt hair into the latest style. It is fair to say anyone with the desire and inclination can learn to do these things, but knowing time is limited does it make sense to do so?

Time is of the Essence
Time is money and employing expert services is a smart way to get better and more-efficient results. Even considering the question of your personal skills and desire, there still remains a finite amount of time in the day. As a business owner, success means spending more time on the tasks and activities employing your strengths. The other stuff just takes longer and makes work harder, especially when work can be delegated or outsourced to someone who is an expert in the work.

In the business world, staffing agencies provide a timesaving and cost-effective way to hire the right candidates the first time. This is critical in the current candidate’s market when competition for good employees is tough. When it comes to the hiring process, time is of the essence. Working with a staffing agency creates time to pursue tasks which will take the business to the next level, while leaving the hiring to the experts.

A Staffing Agency Saves Valuable Time in Finding the Right Job Candidate

  • Assess skills and personality that will match candidates to compatible work cultures
  • Focus on long-term relationship building to accommodate client fit and need
  • Create and maintain an existing pool of candidates to meet immediate and short-term hiring needs
  • Use tried-and-true pre-screening methods
  • Employ “personnel services with a personal touch” to determine the best pool of candidates prior to face-to-face interviews
  • Streamline the hiring process and reducing unnecessary turnover
  • Hiring with the human element, not just with data and numbers in mind
  • Reduces hiring mistakes and missed opportunities with time-saving methods

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