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Work-Life Balance in 2016

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Focusing on People in 2016

There’s an interesting balancing act happening in society and in the work place. On the one hand, humans surround themselves with technologies capable of propelling us and the work we do forward at incredible leaps and bounds. Then on the opposite side, we seem to find ourselves in the midst of a longing for a time of greater simplicity, one that includes employment providing the ever-important work-life balance.

The Foundation of Relationships

Interestingly, both groups possess a need for greater human connections, whether that’s joining a discussion through social media or making time in your schedule for coffee and conversation. This often intuitive need for connection also spills over into other parts of our life, particularly in the workplace. Because of its ever-present nature, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the connections we make from 9-5, but in 2016, that could be changing for employers and employees alike.

Re-Casting the Business Paradigm

In the not-so-distant past, the emphasis on relationship building remained the venue of outside vendors and clients, making it distinctly different from relationships built among internal employees. In 2016, a new priority for employee retention places a renewed emphasis on building quality internal relationships, according to The LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends annual report.

LinkedIn’s Recruiting Highlights

  • 59% plan to invest more in their employer brand
  • 39% see quality hires as a critical performance metric
  • 32% said employee retention will be a top 2016 priority
  • 26% look for employee referral programs to become standard

Employee Linchpin

Now more than ever, the inputs and feedbacks of current employees will have a direct impact on business. Internal training, professional development and internal promotions all have a direct link to external hiring. Why? In the age of social media nothing, absolutely nothing, is private. Potential job seekers are encouraged to do their research before interviewing and this often includes talking with current and past employees about their experience with the company and reading employee comments left on sites such as Glassdoor and Vault.

Ways to Measure the Quality of Hire

One of the best ways to demonstrate commitment to internal employees is through an employee referral program. When people enjoy where they work, they are more likely to share new job openings on social networks, job boards, and through employee referrals.

  • Evaluating new hires, co-workers and managers
  • Promoting ability within the organization
  • Retaining employees over time

Branding the Strengths

Internal and external relationships with partners, employees and potential candidates also require the support of a consistent brand message for the business. It’s important each demonstrates a cohesive message whether that’s on social media sites, internal/external communications, and/or the company website. Make no mistake, this is a big job worthy of a collaborative effort from human resources, marketing, and all parties involved in internal and external communications. It’s also a worthwhile endeavor, one that will pay dividends for employers and employees alike.

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