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What does your Resume and LinkedIn Profile Say about You

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If you’re in the middle of a search for a new job, there’s a good chance you’ve given considerable thought as to what to include on your resume and/or LinkedIn profile. As important as an accurate summary is to convey your unique skills, it can sometimes be difficult to put into words how and why you shine in the workplace. If you’re like many people, the process of describing yourself and your skills can be a challenge. After all, most of us don’t give much thought as to why we do what we do. Normally it just happens.

Get Comfortable Talking about You

Although potentially painful, especially for those who are shy, learning how to describe why you choose to pursue a particular job and detailing how you decide to go about doing the work is an important first step to accurately conveying to an employer why you’re right for a job. Having clarity in this area is particularly important when you’re looking to craft an online profile or resume that accurately sums up your specialties and shows off the qualities that set you apart from other candidates. Writing an effective online profile offers more than just facts about your work history. It’s an opportunity to create a written profile that matches who a staffing recruiter would meet in person.

More than Just the Facts

If you find yourself sitting in front of a blank screen wondering how to begin or what to say about yourself, enlist the help of those who know you best, both at home and in the workplace. Too often, it’s easy to overlook personal accomplishments and duties when it’s time to start talking about your strengths. Begin the process by making a list of your strengths, skills, passions, values and accomplishments. Then share the list with a close friend and/or a trusted co-worker. These are the individuals who will help you recognize of all of all the “little” things you do and help you make connections about why they are important to the job. This process will also help keep you from underestimating and under-selling your unique talents.

LinkedIn’s Most Overused Buzzwords

  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Driven
  • Extensive Experience
  • Responsible
  • Strategic
  • Track Record
  • Organizational
  • Expert

Tell Your Story through Action

As tempting as it might be, don’t skip the above process and rely on buzzwords such as creative or motivated to demonstrate who you are and profile your skills. Instead, offer proof through examples of how you substantiate these abilities through action. Examples of motivation could come in the form of volunteering to help with new employee orientation or stepping up to organize an in-office volunteer program. Responsible could demonstrate how a boss entrusted you with particular duties throughout your work history. Remember, you are a unique individual. When it comes to something as important as landing a job, don’t let the first impression be a generic one.

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