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Is Your Current Resume Accurate and Up To Date?

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The idea of beginning the search for new job can be incredibly exciting, especially when you think about the number of new possibilities that could happen if you land a new job. At the same time it can also be a scary and stressful time, too, especially if you’re in a position of temporary unemployment. In times like these when you’re ready to start working again as soon as possible, it’s easy to lose sight of where your skills and prior work experience best meet up with the skills and experience that are desired and required by a hiring company.

Working with a staffing company can be a great way to make sure that your job search remains focused in all of the right places. Staffing companies are retained by their hiring company clients to find employees who possess particular experience and skill sets. If your skill set or prior work experience does not match the client’s needs and expectations, you will not be contacted for that particular position.

It’s understandable that not being contacted for a job, especially one you thought you were a great fit for, can be more than a little frustrating, not to mention disappointing. During these times it’s important to remember that the recruiters working at a staffing company have directly met with the hiring company and as a result they know exactly what that employer is looking for in terms of experience, skill set and also in temperament. True success happens when all of these elements to match up for both the potential employee and the employer. When they do not, there is a strong potential for dissatisfaction on behalf of either or both parties, which could result in the employee quitting the job soon after starting or the termination of the employee if the job execution or skills do not meet the expectations of the company.

Considering there are a fewer number of jobs than there are potential employees, a quality job search can be a lengthy process. While the recruiters in staffing companies wish that they could help all potential candidates find the perfect position, there remains the reality that staffing companies typically focus on particular industries and job positions and as we all know, one option rarely suits everyone.

If a job search does not go as planned, always resist the temptation to badmouth the potential employer or staffing company in person or online. Negative comments posted on social sites reflect badly on you as a potential employee and can jeopardize your chances to find work. In our very social and technologically advanced world, it’s incredibly easy for someone to track down an “anonymous” poster. Don’t let an online rant keep you from securing the job that you want and need. If your current staffing agency doesn’t suit your needs, look for another who might better suit your skill set and work experience.

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