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Transitioning from College to Career

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The next step after achieving a 2-year Associate’s degree or 4-year Bachelor’s degree is looking for a rewarding career. When it’s time to start the search, there’s always a question of what’s happening in the current job market. Through natural fluctuations, what might have been a horrible job market at the beginning of your education can be something entirely different when it’s time to graduate.

Gazing into the Crystal Ball

For recent grads, the job market is now better than many might have hoped for. The good news includes the discovery of a number of positives as the job market shifts in favor of job candidates. Because employment fluctuations are to be expected, never assume. It’s always important to do some research regarding what’s happening in your local area.

Currently, the improving jobs landscape includes benefits such as a shrinking unemployment rate and less competition for positions. For anyone ready to look for a job this means employers need good candidates. In this search for someone better, employers are finding there aren’t always enough good candidates to fill current openings. With this in mind, it’s a good time to polish up the resume.

Mobility and Moving up the Ladder

The improving economy is also good news for all job seekers. For recent college graduates who reluctantly accepted the first job offered for fear of not finding another, 2017 could be a good time to search for a new position. The open-ended job market means employers are on the lookout to fill a variety of positions. To be ready, make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are in sync, social media accounts only have job-appropriate postings, interview skills are prepped and you’ve done your research on current salary ranges in your chosen career field.

Occupations Experiencing Growth

  • Healthcare
  • Service
  • Retail
  • Computer
  • Occupational
  • Human Resources
  • Freelance
  • Contract

Team with an Employment Partner

If you’re on the lookout for a new position or to enter a new industry, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. Employment agencies can be a successful bridge between conventional job seeking methods and more relational job assistance methods. One of the biggest advantages in working with a staffing professional is knowing they always have a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Day in and day out, employment and staffing professionals work directly with hiring managers who are on the lookout for qualified candidates. By teaming with both the candidate and the hiring client, staffing agencies can assist with job placement and supply first-hand knowledge of the work environment and culture. This teamwork ensures a better fit for employee and employer. When you’re ready to up your job search, consider working with a qualified employment recruiter or staffing agency and leave filling out generic applications to those who don’t know any better.

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