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Five Tips to Achieve Success in Hiring

The importance of the right hires the first time cannot be overstated. Not only is the hiring process time-consuming, but the wrong hire can disrupt a group that’s already working together cohesively. As a staffing expert, we see both the good and bad side of the hiring process.

Below are our five tips to achieve success in hiring.

  1. Transparency of Company, Culture and Benefits – Employers expect employees to do their homework before arriving for an interview and the same thing needs to occur for the hiring manager. To ensure a good fit, it’s important to provide a potential hire with a full and honest assessment of what the company does, who it benefits and what it stands for, so a candidate can confirm they stand with the company 100%. Transparency and authenticity are the way to demonstrate how it’s shown transparently in daily work life.
  2. Clarity of Job Duties, Expectations and Growth Potential – The process of hiring is hard and so is the interview process for candidates. Finding the right fit includes understanding motivation of the candidate regarding both skills and monies. It’s important new hires understand what their role entails exactly, what is expected of them in this position, and the process to climb the ladder to further success within the company.
  3. Training on Company Processes and Procedures – All Companies P&P are different, so resist thinking that this information is not worth outlining for new candidates. Knowledge is power, so share processes and procedures both important and mundane. This could include anything from information on filing systems, document storage and accounting processes to basic telephone answering and messaging protocols. You can’t know what you don’t know or what you aren’t taught.
  4. Inclusion to the Team – While many organizations proport to be a family, it’s important to be clear how and where a new hire fits into the family. Don’t leave things to chance because a sink-or-swim approach is more likely to cause additional stress for all involved. Consider pairing a new employee with a seasoned one and look for ways to show the new hire how they are part of the team and ready for success.
  5. Immediate Attention to the “Little Things” – When things are busy, it’s easy to think that new employees will just figure it out, but without clear instruction when things go both right and wrong how could anyone know for sure? Address these matters right away. Do not let tension build day after day until the relationship/new hire is unsalvageable and everyone is left wondering what went wrong.

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