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Are you a Bad Boss?

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When given the option of being good or bad, most of us prefer the balance falls to the positive side of the scale. Admittedly, human beings are far from perfect and are predisposed to making mistakes along the way. So when it comes to the workplace, why is there so much turnover related to bad bosses?

No “I” in TEAM
Could this in part be related to a strong streak of individual independence? As Americans, independence is instrumental to our culture and who we are as individuals. Since a young age, we’ve learned to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and look out for our own wellbeing. This solo approach is normally successful. That is until it comes into conflict with someone else’s independence. Yet, seeing where one’s independence lives and another’s ends can be tricky at best, particularly in the prism of the work world.

Getting a Bigger Focus
As a result, the workplace is ripe for conflict. This potential exists any time one party looks to exert more influence over another, effectively marring communication lines and blurring the ability to be authentic.

Warning Signs
All about me and not in a good way – Self-centered individuals have a way of making everything about them, regardless of how they appear to those around them. Rather than looking to incorporate the needs of the team, the narcissist cares only for their own needs.

Blockade to communication – Understanding the roles, skills and personality of your staff is instrumental in providing communication that’s understandable to everyone involved. Parsing out communication on a “need to know” basis creates huge risk for misunderstanding, resulting in frustration and a strong potential of having to do the same project again.

Absent in mind and space – It’s difficult to receive good information when a communicator is not present physically and/or emotionally. Caring about including the right people and conveying the right information is critical for doing the job right the first time.

Afraid to Choose – Deciding comes with a risk. Any avoidance has the potential to create indecisiveness or unrealistic demands/expectations. Moving forward always necessitates a decision, yet knowing if it’s the “right” decision often comes down to working it through and learning from the process.

Working from Self-Aware
Often those who make the best bosses are the ones who are self-aware, almost to a fault. These individuals are hyper knowledgeable about how their actions affect others and how to recognize when someone else knows more than they do.

By leading from this higher perspective, an individual can create a positive result for the collective team and organization as a whole. This requires leaving the ego at the door to find a solution that’s thoughtful, respective and ethical. Such a cohesive approach is never accomplished alone. Instead it requires constant reflection and feedback to find a balance welcoming risk with the reward of learning.

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