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The Ladies of Staffing Kansas City are Embracing Positivity and Happiness in 2022

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There’s no denying that the last two years have impacted many of us. Things we couldn’t have previously imagined have created a lasting shift. In response, we found new ways of facing challenges and discovered a renewed sense of gratitude for the things we once took for granted.

With feelings of gratitude for a very busy 2021, the ladies of Staffing Kansas City are welcoming the New Year by embracing positivity and happiness and focusing on the people and things that bring personal joy.


My affirmation is to find a life partner, support my kids in their happiness with each decision they make and world peace. I will continue to work hard at Staffing Kansas City in an effort for all internal staff, clients and candidates to have a positive experience. I will also continue my pursuit of a successful barrel racing side gig. I am thankful for my health and sound mind.


After 2020, my focus was on thanking God for my friends and family, our good health and all our many blessings. Looking ahead to this New Year, I pray be more patient, compassionate and understanding towards others and to be present every day to see all the beauty in the world. Positivity will be my beacon for 2022.


Reflecting on the current year, I am so very thankful for my family and our health as well as my faith in God. Looking ahead, I am excited to continue to enjoy my little kiddos and their activities as well as balancing my job that I LOVE!


For 2022, my wish is that life can be back to a calm sense of normalcy. I hope my personal and professional relationships will be both positive and beneficial for everyone. I want to always spread love and joy and get the same in return, no matter my beliefs or those of others.


This past year was a reminder of the grace and gratitude with which we need to approach life and the world. I am blessed to be employed with a work family I love dearly and was blessed to be able to grow and foster a loving environment for my little man at home.

2021 was not without challenges, but with perseverance, those challenges were either overcome or ended as learning experiences. I look forward to another year of growing as a human being, teaching and exhibiting the grace, patience, acceptance and gratitude I can only hope spreads to others. 2022 is a year of looking forward. To what? Who knows?! The excitement is in the yet to come.