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A Staffing Agency can Assist with Graduating to Career Employment

The reality of switching from the path of a full-time student to a full-time employee can be a daunting task and challenging to navigate. Working with a staffing agency can assist with the transition to career employment. After years of hitting the books and dreaming about career plans for the future, it’s finally time to put all of those elements together with graduation less than a month away so don’t hesitate to reach out to experts when taking that first step in your career.

Blazing a New Career Path

Depending on your current life path, you may have an idea of the industry that you want to join, but not everyone has this level of clarity immediately upon graduation. This is where working with staffing experts can help. At Staffing Kansas City, the staffing personnel focus on providing temporary and permanent employment to companies in the Kansas City area looking for sales, administrative, clerical, accounting and customer service positions. Staffing KC also places employees in businesses looking for mailroom, document centers and customer service candidates. Working with a staffing company is a one-stop way to expand the potential for employment in a number of different industries.

The Steps to Staffing Employment

One of the best reasons to work with a staffing professional is the time and attention an employment recruiter takes to learn about you and your skills. Compare this to the impersonal nature of submitting a random job application through an online site. Because of the anonymous nature of applying for an online job, you may never get the chance to talk to a real human to see if you’re qualified for the job or not. Instead, your application or resume is likely to end up in a black hole that may or may not ever be seen.

Teaming up with a staffing agency means you’ll not only benefit from an in-person assessment with a qualified recruiter, it also means a benefit from the strong relationship the staffing company already has with companies looking to hire. This is a dual bonus. The staffing expert knows what the company is looking for and they also know which candidates are the best match for the company and the job role. This is something no automated system can provide. When the human element is missing from the job search, there’s a bigger chance of employees accepting a job that’s not a good fit for their skills or career aspirations, and companies have a greater chance of hiring the wrong employee. Finding the best fit for both means greater employee satisfaction and improved employment engagement for the company.

Staffing KC Service Offerings

  • Direct Hire positions
  • Contract-to-hire positions
  • Temporary positions
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Weekly paychecks
  • Holiday pay
  • Medical and retirement plans
  • Career counseling and computer training
  • Gateways to permanent employment

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