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Employment Agencies Meet Challenges in a Candidate-Driven Market

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For some time, recruiters and employment agencies have dealt with the unique elements of working within a candidate-driven market. The implications include dealing with two major obstacles. The first being the added expense for a company or recruiter to fill an employment position along with the extra time needed to find the right candidate. At present, the time is ripe to tackle these obstacles with more than half of the workforce considering a new job, according to a recent survey from Glassdoor. However, proceed with caution because the new market places job candidates, not employers, firmly in the driver’s seat. With more job opportunities available than ever, the educated job seeker is choosing to be more selective in the employers they select to pursue.

Candidates Research Employers

This includes a variety of new norms that continue to push job search boundaries such as redefining a job as something more than the exchange of work for pay and benefits. Employment candidates now also consider the actions and reputation of the company looking to fill the job. In addition to researching a job role, candidates also thoroughly research what prior and current employees say about the employer, the CEO, and the workplace environment on sites such as Glassdoor and comments left on social media sites.

Employers Embrace Transparency

While there’s nothing revolutionary about candidates wanting to know more about a potential employer, there’s a new line of thinking encouraging employers to use transparency as the best way to attract and retain qualified employees. In fact, 67% of employers believe retention rates could be higher if candidates understood what to expect before accepting the job, according to recent statistics.

What Employees Desire to Know about an Employer

  • Details on compensation packages
  • Basic company information
  • Details on compensation (education reimbursement, 401K, stock options, PTO, etc.)
  • Community involvement and actionable examples of values and mission statement

Trust – The looking glass of the current workplace now goes both ways, allowing employees to determine how a company not only treats its employees but also treats customers as a whole.

Engagement – In the candidate-driven environment, employees want to understand how they directly contribute to the success of the company. This includes a desire for internal growth opportunities and duties that keep the job fresh and evolving. Social media can play a big role in generating goodwill among current employees and potential employment seekers.

Leadership – One statistic employers can no longer tolerate is bad management. With one in two employees leaving a job because of a bad manager, it’s imperative companies equip managers with skills to improve employee engagement. 69% of Millennials, the soon-to-be largest group of employees, believe management is responsible for providing development opportunities to entice them to stay in a job.

Surviving in the candidate-driven marketing means looking through the prism of employment in a new way. In an age where voluntary employment exits are higher than ever, there’s never been a better time to listen to the customer, both internal and external. As a full-service employment agency , Staffing Kansas City can assist you in navigating these new waters by being the window of transparency for your company and providing useful information to the employment candidate. As a provider of contract-to-hire, direct hire, and temporary employment services, Staffing Kansas City will also screen the potential employee to ensure there’s a good fit on both sides.

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