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Rethink the Resolution

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When the calendar turned to 2023, many created New Year’s resolutions.  But, as we reach the end of January, I must wonder how many are sticking to those resolutions.

Depending on what your personal resolutions may be, those commitments could be going strong, or they could be looking a little dubious at this point. I wonder if it might be easier to think more in terms of continuous improvement and less around the idea of New Year’s resolutions.

It’s a lot of pressure to keep up with sweeping changes, so why not start small by reflecting on what’s working and what’s not? These changes should be unique to you and speak to what you hope to accomplish in the months ahead. This could be a focus in one area or many – it’s up to you to decide.

Small Steps Over Time

Networking/Connections – If a new job is on your horizon for 2023, consider how you can expand your network. If you’re an extrovert, you may enjoy joining some local networking groups. This can be done virtually or in-person. If you’re more of an introvert, start by reinforcing connections made over the years. This might be a quick email to catch-up and see how someone is doing or a casual coffee date to see what’s on the other person’s horizon. Either approach can be a great way to keep yourself on someone’s radar.

Trying Something New – The world is constantly changing and there will always be a benefit to learning new things. Elders who are asked about their ways of staying young consistently say they are always looking to learn. This could be checking out a new book or reading an article on a topic that’s foreign to you. It could be exploring through travel or by partaking in the food or culture of a different area. You might also commit to meeting someone you’ve never met before. Sometimes a simple conversation can be a jumping off point for all kinds of interests.

Reducing Stress – Finding ways to reduce stress can be a moment-by-moment process that must be renewed regularly. Plus, everyone’s definition of stress relief will look different. If you know of things that provide moments of relaxation and release, look for more ways to build them into your life. That could be reading, playing games, zoning out for a Netflix binge, or napping. Build this time in whenever and wherever you can. You deserve it!

Improving Sleep – Ah, illusive sleep. How many nights are spent thinking about all the things there are to do tomorrow? Sleep is so important and directly impacts our mental and physical health, but much like stress reduction, it’s unique to the individual. How you achieve your best sleep is dependent on a few factors. That may be going to bed earlier, staying up late or taking a mid-day nap. Remember, the approach only needs to work for you and no one else.

Unlike a 24-hour day or a monthly calendar, small changes can happen whenever you want, and fresh starts can happen in at any moment you see fit. Waste no time in getting started.