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Prioritize Communication to Keep Employees Engaged

Wanting, even expecting, a great hire shouldn’t be rocket science but be aware that the blueprint for finding the perfect candidate continues to evolve, particularly in a candidate’s market. Today, it’s no longer just about finding a candidate who matches up with the job requirements and fits into the company culture. It’s also about providing candidates with a role and cultivating a work environment where the individual wants to stay and grow into the role, personalizing it to their unique skills and experiences.

Becoming a consistent contributor to the organization is part good fit and part personal drive. It’s consistently recognizing and rewarding people when they get it right, like Yana Manuylenko, Staffing Kansas City’s 2018 Employee of the Year. When Yana started her job, we already knew she was a good match for the role and that she would be a great contribution to the culture. But after the hire, it was in Yana’s hands to make the most of her new role as well as on the company to let employees like Yana know their contributions are meaningful and deserve recognition along with an ongoing investment in their future growth goals.

In her new role, Yana continues to make her mark as someone who catches on quickly and who is willing to step in to help others. She regularly demonstrates her work ethic by taking on new tasks and is training new people in the organization. Even as a new employee, her peers and manager know Yana is an employee with a professional manner, great work ethic and a positive, “can do”attitude.

Employees like Yana are a success story for Staffing Kansas City and her employer. Creating your own example like her is about keeping top talent engaged in the hiring process and beyond. Success takes a commitment from all parties to give their best.

Communication must be ongoing from the interview and throughout the hiring process, training and subsequent advancement. Lack of information at any stage of the process can breed disinterest and that great candidate might be soon on the lookout for another company that prioritizes communication, timely action, rewards and recognition.

Prioritize Communication

  • Treat candidates as individuals, not just a person to fill a role
  • Learn about a candidate’s goals and aspirations
  • Tailor conversations in a way that allow a candidate to share their stories and ask questions
  • Share your own growth path within the company to give candidates an idea where they can flourish and grow
  • Check in throughout the process to see if you’re connecting with the candidate
  • Leave room for candidates to show their own personality and strengths

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