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Onboarding: The Importance of Investing in New Hires

All too often hiring through the recruitment process is thought of a one-and-done process. Assuming the recruiter has done their job well, an employer is ready to welcome a contingent worker or permanent new hire who was diligently pre-screened for not only the skills and position desired but also for the expectations of the company and its culture. Why then do so many of those workers leave new jobs in less than 120 days?

Often the reason is attributed to a lack of or inconsistent onboarding processes at the company, particularly when it comes to contingent workers (independent professionals, temporary contract workers, freelancers, contractors and consultants). If you’re an employer who foregoes formal onboarding for a sink-or-swim approach, the results could be even less than satisfactory.

Set them Up for Success

Let’s face it, starting a new job is never easy. No matter how excited the employee may feel starting the new position there’s bound to be a measure of anxiety and stress as well. Often the presence of these feelings is a good indication that the individual not only wants to make a good impression on their new employer but they are also searching for the best ways to make a positive contribution with their skill set and experience.

As a result, be prepared to set up these new employees for success by not only acknowledging the business is pleased to have them as a new employee but also take the time to outline how the business is ready to help the employee transition into the new environment and job role. Often this is as easy as designating someone to be available to ask questions, show them how the organization functions, and help make the workplace a friendly and approachable environment. Better yet, include a number of people in the onboarding process so a new employee doesn’t feel like they are asking someone too many questions or monopolizing their time. Remember, questions help show where an employee is at in the process and provides clues of what’s working and what requires adjustment.

Connecting Onboarding and Employee Engagement

Building an environment where all employees feel welcome and part of a team can be a great way to help the new employee establish where they belong in the work structure and allow them the confidence to make contributions that benefit the team and the business. By creating relationships early on, a new employee can establish a level of job satisfaction, which goes a long way in preventing turnover in the future.

Hiring a new employee can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Why not take the time to create an environment where new employees feel valued by investing in an established onboarding process? Fashioning such an environment benefits the performance of all your employees, something that will be felt in-house and noticed by customers.

Onboarding Benefits

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Enhanced staff retention
  • Expanded knowledge base
  • Engaged in culture and company mission
  • Integrated interactions between departments
  • Maximized contributions to work and culture
  • Optimized ROI

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