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Can Re-skilling Help You Find a New Job?

It is one thing to desire to leave one’s job and quite another to take the steps necessary to find a new one. Finding a new job can often be a time-consuming task and one that most job seekers do not undertake lightly. But considering talk about the Great Resignation, some are asking if that many people are looking for a new job. A survey from Resume Library, a U.S. job board, says yes.

Of the 50,000 candidates surveyed by Resume Library, more than half said they intend to look for a new job in 2022. While the reasons for looking differ for everyone, 66.7% report the pandemic delayed an inevitable decision to seek new employment. 48.3% are in search of an employer who treats them better and 36.3% are looking for more flexibility in their work life.


As part of this search, more than half (55.6%) are enhancing their viability by seeking out ways for re-skilling or retraining. With a large amount of employees not receiving skills training from their current employer, individuals are taking training matters into their own hands as a pathway to finding a more meaningful career and improved long-term security.

The path to learning new skills is multi-faceted and can take different forms. With the addition of technology, there are a growing number of options available both virtually and in-person.

LinkedIn Learning – The professional networking site offers a number of skill-building solutions for business, higher education, and government purposes. The first month of the service is free. All that is required is a LinkedIn account which is also free.

Grow with Google – If you are interested in digital marketing or more tech related jobs, Google offers Career Certificates which are 100% online and are inexpensive to obtain.

Library – Local libraries often offer free classes, both online and in-person, to learn new skills or to brush up on rusty ones. Check out the library website or stop by and talk to a librarian.

Community Colleges and Universities – Local community colleges and universities offer for-credit and non-credit continuing education classes. These can be taken throughout the year and are a terrific way to learn new skills. For those who thrive in a classroom environment, you will also have the benefit of learning alongside fellow students. Taking for-credit classes also provides the ability to access school guidance counselors who could help offer ideas on a new career path based on current and/or new skills.

Continued Learning

Whether you are looking for a new job or hoping to expand a current skill set, there are a plethora of options for re-skilling. Online options offer 24/7 access, allowing learning to take place at any time. Another bonus is that learning can be a fantastic way to discover innovative ideas and new passions that can enhance not only one’s work but life in general.