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Business Solutions for Summer Staffing

Looking for short-term summer help? Now is the time to get a jump on quality candidates who are returning home for the summer break. The influx of college students marks the return of smart, skilled candidates from community colleges, vocational schools and universities who need summer work between semesters. These students can be a great addition for employers who need staffing relief for employees going on vacation or medical leave or to provide additional assistance for those dealing with an increase in business during the summer months.

Influx of Skills
Fresh off a semester of learning, students bring an ability to breathe life into a company’s environment by sharing new ideas and a fresh perspective on the marketplace. Such students may also be a great addition for special projects in the business. This could be anything from boosting a project that lacked enough staff or re-charging an initiative that never got off the ground because of timing.

Employing college-age candidates also exposes the workplace to consumers who grew up in the digital age and as such, provides a distinct perspective on how business gets done for their generation. This offers a way to learn what’s important to this group. Because of this unique viewpoint, students can be a possible springboard for renewed marketing and sales efforts targeted to a younger demographic. Such partnerships offer an opportunity for a business to form an informal focus group with students, which could be invaluable for those looking to attract a younger demographic.

Meet and Network
When hiring, understand that this group is ready to network and are looking to impress, bringing their best skills to a new job. Businesses who attract quality candidates during the summer months have an opportunity to invite those candidates back for short-term holiday employment or to even offer a full-time position upon graduation. This generates a long-term benefit for human resources specialists by creating a ready pool of “great fit” candidates.

Students who have a quality experience working for a business also become positive advocates for the company. Imagine the possibility of quality word-of-mouth tweets or Facebook posts about how much a student is enjoying their summer job. There is no better publicity for a business than positive word of mouth. Even if the student is only a short-term summer employee, their positive words live on in social media and in the eyes and minds of others.

Staffing Benefit
Working with a staffing business is a great way to attract the student demographic to your business this summer. Staffing companies like Staffing Kansas City provide businesses with full-time, part-time and temporary staffing solutions in a variety of industries. Businesses working with a staffing partner benefit from always having a qualified pool of candidates, all thoroughly vetted by trusted staffing experts. This group is always looking for great candidates who will be a good fit for the skills a company needs and the right fit for the culture. To learn more about staffing options for your business, contact Staffing Kansas City.

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