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Make Team Building Events a Priority

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Commit to Building a Team

Have you visited an Escape Room? If you have, you know just how challenging it can feel to be locked in a room trying to solve a series of puzzles using a variety of hints, clues and strategy. Once the door is closed, you’re now dependent on each other as you try to solve each clue before moving on to the next. All the while, the pressure is mounting as the clock ticks, reminding everyone of the progress, or lack thereof.

Working Together
The tension in the room is building and is inescapable. Soon you realize that this isn’t something one person can do on their own. It’s going to take a team of people but until we’re in the moment, we often don’t recognize the strengths of those around us.

Imagine how empowering it was to see our group come together to solve every clue, each one getting us a little closer to escape. When the ladies of Staffing Kansas City were trapped in that Escape Room looking for the next clue in the puzzle, it got me thinking about how important understanding each of our individual strengths and weaknesses can be. Plus, the Escape Room was great fun and we left feeling exhilarated about coming together as a team.

Benefits of Teamwork
On the drive home, I realized how things like the trust and team building we did benefit our work as staffing recruiters every day. There, we had to pool our efforts and knowledge to move forward in the process clue by clue. In our day-to-day work, we also rely on each other to share our collective information, whether that’s briefing each other on the candidates we’ve recently met or talking with clients about their staffing needs.

Without this give and take, it would be much more difficult to create the successful staffing matches that regularly fulfill the needs of our candidates and clients. This includes digging to find what each candidate and every client need for success. We know by taking the time to provide “Personnel Services with a Personal Touch” we can provide the best possible match for everyone.

Commitment to Teamwork
This commitment enables Staffing Kansas City to have an above-average placement rate for our candidates and clients throughout the Kansas City area, all built on a foundation of trust, recruiter-to-recruiter, recruiter-to-candidate and recruiter-to-client. By involving everyone in the process of teamwork we ensure a quality outcome and reap the satisfaction that comes with a job well done. Without these elements, we could never achieve the cohesive, united front that’s necessary for success.

Elements of Team Building

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Fun
  • Bonding
  • Confidence
  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Morale
  • Respect
  • Culture
  • Results