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Not a Typical Summer Job Hiring Season

It goes without saying, the search for summer work will be different this year. After weeks of stay-at-home orders and working from home, companies small and large around the metro are taking critical steps toward re-opening their businesses.

The months of June, July and August typically being prime hiring times with large numbers of high school and college students on break and looking for short-term work options. For some, these jobs might be an avenue to earn money toward a new semester or a way to get some new experience before heading back to school. While this won’t be a typical hiring season, small businesses throughout the metro are ready to hire for in-house positions.

Cultivating Adaptability

While many anticipate this summer season will be different, no one yet knows just what those differences may or may not be. This will largely be determined by how the individuals and business owners learn to tackle the unknown as they go. Job candidates might take comfort and inspiration in a quote from Max McKeown who said, “Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.”

Out of necessity, many of us have spent the last few months coping with the unknown from a variety of angles. As we collectively move toward whatever the new normal might look like, there will be an ongoing need for adaptability in everyone. As the stay-at-home measures diminish more and more businesses will welcome new opportunities. This includes looking for employees who are open to being adaptable. This quality could take many forms as businesses acclimate to what their customers want and need. As a result, going with the flow will be more important than ever for all involved.

Navigating the New Normal

As employers and employees navigate the new, soft skills such as listening, observation, gratitude and kindness will be extremely important. Take the time to pause, ask questions and understand that not everyone will react to new situations in the same way. The past few months have been an experience few expected and one that some are still processing.

Candidates looking for summer jobs who are ready to put their skills into action have a great opportunity to work with staffing recruiters to find full-time, part-time and temporary employment positions. Job recruiters work closely with hiring managers to ensure a good fit between a company’s culture and the skill set of a candidate.

Those who are willing to join businesses as they re-open will be part of something new, and this range of experiences will certainly build resilience and adaptability in ways we will probably not truly understand for some time to come. To learn more about summer job staffing options, contact Staffing Kansas City today.