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I Might Want to Quit My Job, Now What

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40 hours a week is the minimum amount of time that many of us spend at work each week. Over the span of a year, this adds up to 260-some odd days, not counting overtime and holidays. If you consider the amount of time you’ve worked over your lifetime, along with your current level of job satisfaction, it is easy to see the importance of a good job fit in regard to temperament, skills and overall professional goals.

For anyone who has left an unsatisfactory job and searched for something new, there is little need to tell you why it’s important to find a job position that’s a good fit for your personal and professional goals, but at Staffing KC we believe that it’s always valuable to explore the motivations behind a desire to leave your current job before you seek new opportunities.

On the surface it would appear that employment is a simple transaction of compensation provided for work completed, but a job often includes a strong emotional component as well. The jobs we choose, along with our personality and the skills brought to the position, directly correspond to the way in which we will perform duties related to the job. But what happens if you feel that your personality and skills are being overlooked, or even ignored, within your current organization and that you are not getting the recognition that you feel you deserve?

In these instances, it’s normal for an employee to reconsider if he or she has made the right decision in accepting the job, whether you’ve been there for two months or 15 years, and you have one of two choices — stay or go — but attached to either choice should come a number of things to think about first.

Considerations for Staying in a Current Position

  • If you feel your skills are unknown or underutilized, is there a way to make them known to your employer?
  • Could you transfer into a different department with your current skill set?
  • Is it possible for you to disconnect from the emotional component of the job and still perform adequately?
  • You see and believe in the value of your skills and contributions with your current employer.

Possible Reasons to Begin the Search for a New Position

  • You are able to leave with a positive recommendation from your current employer if such is desired.
  • You are ready to expand your work experience and skills but there’s no room for advancement in your current place of work.
  • The current position or office environment is detrimental to your physical or mental health.
  • An unhappy work condition has brought to light the work that you really want to be doing.

The choice to go or stay in a job is always a personal decision, so it’s important to continually assess your skills and abilities with your current position. If you’re looking to make a fresh start in the areas of secretarial, clerical, sales, accounting, customer service, document center or call center management, contact a recruiter at Staffing KC today!

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