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Tips to Impress a Recruiter in 2017

This time of year, it can be easy to shift life into neutral and let the holidays and related tasks carry you into the New Year. But, if a new job is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, why not take charge of the remaining part of the year to begin cultivating skills designed to impress the staffing recruiters you hope to talk with in the New Year?

Cultivate a Network
You’ve probably heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” But a network doesn’t have to be something formal. Often, it’s as easy as looking around and seeing whom you interact with on a regular basis and asking questions. Do those individuals know someone who might have a position to fill or is there something unique you do that could become a benefit for others?

Practice Authenticity
Most of us feel best when we are honest about who we are. This includes doing work that makes you feel good. Knowing your core values is a big part of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), including the quality of being genuine. As humans, we’re hardwired to know who is genuine and who isn’t. EQ is also about knowing and being comfortable with your strengths and weaknesses and remaining open and appreciative to the strengths and weaknesses of others.

Embrace Feedback
Feedback can have a negative connotation but it’s often a hidden opportunity for change. Knowing what is working or not working is one of the best ways to create growth. In the job world, it’s a direct path to building future earning potential. One of the best ways to make feedback easier is to ask for it. By initiating the question, the asker is in a position of power. Don’t wait for a situation to come uncomfortable before asking what’s right or wrong. In fact, the feedback might be more positive than you thought.

Convey Respect
One of the quickest ways to instill respect with someone new is by using good communication and grammar. Choosing and using the correct words conveys you are educated, possess attention to detail, and respect the importance of good communication in business and in life. Mistakes on a resume or application are a red flag to pass on a job candidate. Using good grammar and spelling is a non-verbal way to convey you and your skills are important and you are a candidate worth interviewing.

Arrive on Time
In a professional or life setting, chronic lateness can spell disaster. While there are always times when “things happen” chronic lateness demonstrates a lack of caring. Often the habit of lateness is a result of overscheduling or not allowing enough time to complete a task. When one event bumps into another, it quickly creates a domino effect. When in doubt, arrive on time. This small action conveys you are someone who recognizes what’s important in life and in business.

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