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Getting the Jump on Summer Employment

If finding a summer job is on your to-do list this year, there’s no time like the present to start looking. Beginning the search early may feel counter-intuitive amid final projects and finals week, but it’s smart because employers are already on the lookout for summer candidates. In fact, career advice from suggests following a timeline of three to five months to secure a job that begins in June.

Questions to Start the Search
Industry – What kind of job to do you want to work in? Location – Where do you want to work (city, state, locale)? Skills – What kind of skill enhancement do you expect from a job? Interest – Will this experience help further a passion or be solely for earning money? School – Does the job need to complement or enhance current studies or a major?

Narrowing the Field
Being able to answer these questions can be a good way to start the job search. Knowing the answers can also be helpful when family, friends, and professors want to assist you in the search. One easy place to begin is at a school career fair. Often held on campus, a career fair draws a variety of employers and recruiters to your school. Even if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, this is a good way to see the variety of job positions available and can help you further refine your search. Talking to company representatives is also good practice for formal interviews. Many times, these individuals allow job seekers a sneak peek of the company and its culture from an insider’s view.

Preparation Work
Whether you’re attending job fairs or surfing online for possibilities, have your information ready to show or send. Having up-to-date information is critical because you never know when you might meet someone who is hiring or knows someone who is hiring. Being prepared with a current resume and LinkedIn profile sends an automatic message of being an individual who is organized and ready to work. Don’t forget to make sure social profiles are also in professional mode. No one wants a new hire who overshares or who posts inappropriate content and photos online for anyone to see.

Consider a Staffing Agency
An often-overlooked option is working with a staffing recruiter. Staffing agencies team directly with hiring managers and HR resources. These individuals are always on the lookout for great candidates who can fulfill the skill and culture needs of a company. Because the staffing recruiter works directly with hiring managers and human resource staff, they can help a candidate bypass the tedious process of submitting resumes to an email address or anonymous online form. This increases the potential a resume gets viewed by a real person rather than just through a generic screening program. The human element providing by a staffing professional helps ensure the right person gets into the right job, the first time around. Hiring managers also benefit because they receive candidates with the right skills who fit into the company culture.

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