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Does Your Cover Letter Grab Attention?

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Writing a Resume Cover Letter that Grabs Attention

Technology has the ability to keep us engaged from morning until late in the night. As a result, pretty much any hour of the day there’s a possibility of sharing something about yourself or your personality on one of the many social media sites. Why then, does it seem so difficult to make a true connection? It’s ironic when you think about it. So many possible connections, but how many of those individuals really know who we are or what we stand for?

Standing Out in the Crowd
With so much white technological noise to contend with, it can be difficult to know what warrants our attention and what can be ignored. The sheer amount of things clamoring for our attention makes it even more important to stand out in a crowd. This is particularly true when it comes to sending in a cover letter for employment. Depending on the staffing recruiter or employer, the cover letter may be a deciding factor in whether an accompanying resume is opened and read or deleted.

Write a Cover Letter with Confidence
Too many of us continue to rely on the old formula of cover letter writing. You know the one where we faithfully restate the name and job position and tell the reader how well qualified we are for the position. What often gets left out is why and how you’re qualified to do the job.

  1. A Reason to Read On – Think of all of those click-bait headlines that make you want to read more. Having a great lead-in sentence or paragraph about yourself and your skills is captivating and a good way to get someone to read on further. Start by sharing what makes you uniquely right for the role. This might be knowledge of particular software, on-the-job experiences or a personal passion that is perfect for the role.
  2. Make it a Story – No one looks forward to reading something boring so craft a cover letter that makes someone want to read it. Hiring managers read hundreds of cover letters, don’t let yours be the one that puts them to sleep. Instead, use this as an opportunity to tell stories about your true talents, the ones that directly demonstrate you as a strong candidate for the position. Not sure how? Just imagine yourself in a face-to-face conversation with the recruiter. How would you tell them about yourself and your skills?
  3. No Magic Formula – Despite what you might believe after Googling “writing a cover letter,” there really is no perfect way to craft a cover letter. Think of what you read as a guideline that enables you to put your own special stamp on it. In the letter, convey your interest in the role and why you would bring passion to the opportunity. Highlight your skills and the job description information, and most of all, be a human talking to another human.

Thinking Ahead
Once you take the following steps and write your cover letter, begin thinking about who would be your best references. These are the people who can confirm you’re the person with the skills and passions described in the cover letter. As a courtesy to those individuals, always let the reference know the job you applied for, the company, a description of the role and who will be contacting them.

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