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Is Using a Staffing Agency Cost-Effective for My Company?

The rules of workplace employment continue to evolve at a dizzying pace. Today HR employees must keep pace with changing state and national laws and regulations in addition to dealing with recruitment, hiring and the onboarding of new employees. Coupled with time limitations and the inevitability of hot-button employee issues arising throughout the workday, the time to identify and screen potential candidates is increasingly scarce.

Hiring Process

  • Creating a post or ad announcing a position
  • Choosing which job search sites will attract the most qualified candidates
  • Sorting through resumes and earmarking the most-promising applicants
  • Scheduling phone and in-person interviews
  • Running reference and background checks prior to hiring
  • Conducting orientation and training

Hiring efforts become even more challenging considering the average company employs 2.5 HR representatives for every 100 employees. Smaller companies without a dedicated HR resource face additional hurdles when the hiring process puts day-to-day operations temporarily on hold.

Quantifying a Bad Hire
Yet time-related costs are not the only expense of hiring, and the costs don’t end when a candidate accepts. Choosing the wrong hire means a company must either live with the outcome or restart the hiring process. Both have costs in the short- and long-term. Like a bad apple spoiling the bunch, bad hires impact team morale, particularly top performers, and the workplace inevitably suffers.

Likewise, leaving a position open too long while searching for the right candidate can also impact a team that becomes overburdened. Without assurance this situation will improve, top performers will leave the organization for work environments promising less stress.

Making Hiring Cost-Effective
The cost of a bad hire is a risk few businesses can afford to make. Working with Staffing Kansas City can combat this by enhancing the effectiveness of in-house staffing efforts as a recruiting resource for ongoing candidate screening and referrals.

  1. We are always screening so highly qualified candidates are ready for immediate review by the client.
  2. We specialize in matching candidates with the right skill set to the right company environment.
  3. We have streamlined the hiring process, saving our clients time and money while offering Top Performers.
  4. We can relieve a business of the complexities of payroll, worker’s comp, health care costs and unemployment taxes.
  5. Not all recruiting agencies like Staffing Kansas City offer a “try before you buy” policy, offering an opportunity to find the “perfect fit” candidate without additional fees.

Our proprietary software and prescreening process allow us to successfully match more job seekers to available positions and company cultures.

“Is Using a Staffing Agency Cost-Effective for My Company?” is the fifth in a multi-part series from us featuring some of our most frequently asked client questions.

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