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Recruiters and Their Client Companies Need to Make a Good First Impression with Job Candidates

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Contingent workers continue to be an instrumental part of the U.S. workforce. These independent contractors, temporary workers, freelancers and consultants are in high demand as employers look to supplement their workforce. With a range of varied and specialized skills, these individuals have an ability to adapt to new situations and experiences rapidly to get work done.

When seeking a temporary assignment, these workers want efficient hiring experiences, according to data from Bullhorn. The global leader in software for the staffing and recruitment industry surveyed more than 1,000 contingent workers, asking if they would work with their staffing firm again.

Of those surveyed, 68% said they would choose to collaborate with the same recruiter again but only if the first experience was satisfactory. The GRID 2023 Talent Trends report found 62% of respondents stopped working with a firm when the process took too long. Candidates expect to be placed in a job in four weeks or less, according to the report.

By 2030, the number of workers who are contingent is expected to grow to 29%. The rise in those seeking part-time/temporary work coupled with the ongoing talent shortage will likely find more employers dependent on contingent workers. This makes it important for recruiters and their companies to make a good first impression with follow-through from a recruiter at the top of the list.

Steps to Build a Smooth Recruitment Process

  1. The process will affect loyalty. This includes an easy job search, a succinct interview process, streamlining of filling out forms, ease of logging and submitting time, and a solid job fit.
  2. Frequent communication before and during assignments. Responsiveness is critical for keeping talent. 60% expect to hear from their recruiter at least once a week. By meeting this expectation, 84% of candidates would work with the recruiter again.
  3. Fast and accurate job placement. Finding jobs that are a good fit is a top consideration for candidates. This includes placement within four weeks of contacting a firm. A process that takes too long will find candidates searching for another possibility and a different recruiter.

*GRID 2023

“As staffing firms strive to retain business and improve their margins, it’s more important than ever to cultivate a loyal community of satisfied talent,” said Andre Mileti, Product Evangelist, Talent Experience at Bullhorn. “The firms that succeed in this climate will be those that can place candidates in the right jobs quickly, while offering a convenient, consumer-grade experience.”

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