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Employing a Staffing Agency can Help you Avoid Job Candidate Fraud

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Many companies believe good candidates can be hard to find. This process can become even more difficult when you factor in job candidate fraud. Crosschq Data Labs, the research arm of, a hiring intelligence platform, discovered job candidate fraud during the application process is on the rise.

Looking at almost 200,000 data points between January 2021 and May 2023, Crosschq Data Labs determined job candidates were almost four times more likely to misrepresent themselves in 2023 than they were two years prior. They also found a correlation between fraud and a lower Quality of Hire score. Forms of fraud included non-disclosure of a gap in skills or gaps in employment. In high-volume hiring sectors, fraud rates were more than 7%.

“Perhaps the most alarming takeaway from our research is that job candidate fraud is occurring in industries where an unsuitable hire could directly impact the well-being, safety or financial security of a significant population,” said Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO. “For example, our research uncovered job candidate fraud across school systems and healthcare organizations as well as in financial institutions.”

Determine a Better Path

At Staffing Kansas City, we understand the hiring process is always evolving and its outcomes impact a range of individuals across an organization. Working closely with a staffing agency can be a smart way to ensure your business finds a better job hire the first time.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with a range of businesses to assist with the recruitment process. Here are just a few of the testimonials we’ve gathered over the years:

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  • “My first hire with Staffing Kansas City has been a loyal associate of mine since July 1998. As a coach and a trainer, Staffing Kansas City has been a tremendous resource to my clients who are struggling with key hires.”
  • “We’ve hired many excellent job candidates through Staffing Kansas City, and they’ve made my life a lot easier by screening the applicants before they interview within our corporation.”
  • “I will not hire employees on my own again. After calculating my hourly rate and the time I would spend screening resumes, most of which are not even in the scope of my position, it is extremely cost-effective to use Staffing Kansas City.”

The job recruiters of Staffing Kansas City have more than 70 years of staffing experience. We understand the importance of hiring the right talent the first time. We will work closely with you to determine the best plan of action, one that will meet your unique goals. For “Personnel Services with a Personal Touch!”, contact Staffing Kansas City today.