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How to Successfully Job Search while Still Employed

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The place you work has the ability to create an incredible impact on your life. If this is a positive work environment, a place where you are respected and challenged to grow in your role, there’s a good chance you enjoy the hours you spend at work. If, on the other hand, you’re in a job that’s lost it’s challenge or you feel removed from your impact to the company’s overall mission, it might be time to look for something new.

Changing Perceptions
Thanks to the impact of Millennials on the workplace, changing jobs is taking on an updated perception that emphasizes job change as a way to always be learning, developing and advancing. A Fast Company article recommended candidates change jobs every three years to maintain a higher learning curve and more energy and enthusiasm for the position. This constant evolution is also a great way to place oneself outside a personal comfort zone and pursue new methods of learning and change.

Making it Work
If transition within your current workplace isn’t an option, get ready to step outside the proverbial box by looking at new companies and perhaps new industries, too. Starting such a search while employed means creating a balancing act, one that carefully segments a new job search so that it doesn’t interfere with current work duties. Working with an employment recruiter during this time is a great way to maximize precious time because after the introductory meeting and paperwork process, the recruiter will be looking for opportunities on your behalf.

Tips to Make the Process Easier


  • Be a good communicator – in your exploratory interview with the recruiter, let them know the best way to reach you. This could be through a personal email, text or cell phone that allows you to respond to their messages in a private way.
  • Be flexible – just like you, recruiters are limited to the same number of hours in a day. With this in mind, be open to working with the recruiter. In some cases this might mean budgeting time to take an extended lunch hour or to arrange a meeting earlier or later in the day
  • Be prepared – an efficient search with a recruiter works best when the candidate has all of the proper paperwork filled out and current references lined up prior to the first interview. This also allows the staffing recruiter time to review the information and to begin thinking about potential matches.
  • Be open – you never know when the right opportunity could pop up so be sure to keep your mind and expectations open to positive things!


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