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Employees are Being Proactively Approached by Job Recruiters

There’s an interesting dichotomy going on in the work world. A quick scroll down the LinkedIn news feed brings into close focus the high number of professionals looking for work, often for extended periods of time. Conversely, a Yahoo! article highlighted there’s also a talent grab taking place. Those who are switching jobs were approached by job recruiters for the role and not directly applying for the position. This form of initiative-taking recruitment is becoming more common in industries including financial, advertising, marketing, real estate, insurance and professional and business services.

A survey from ZipRecruiter looked at more than 1,500 employed U.S. adults who switched jobs in the last six months. Survey results found 36% were recruited for their role in Q4 of 2023. In the first quarter of 2024, this number was up to 46%. Another commonality among these job switchers is a sign on LinkedIn they were open to being contacted by job recruiters for a new role.

The open talent grab is likely creating additional stress for in-house Human Resource staff. As a result, companies are looking for new ways to keep their workers. This includes counter offers with higher salaries for those who say they are looking to change employers, up 21% from Q4 of 2023. Other companies are taking the opposite approach and cutting salaries of employees who are on their leave period.

With the hiring process becoming less and less straightforward, it will be important for in-house HR and leadership to get in touch with the current pulse of the organization. Now is the time to figure out what’s working and what is not. Your employees will be happy to tell you.

This includes looking closely at departments with turnover. Study after study shows there are obvious reasons why employees choose to leave the workplace. A bad manager is at the top of the list. The worst managers being those who don’t trust or respect their employees and who seek to intimidate them.

Signs of a Bad Boss

  1. Micromanagement.
  2. Only providing negative feedback.
  3. Ignoring employees’ career path.
  4. Shutting down the feedback loop.
  5. Lack of vision/not knowing the why.
  6. Inconsistency.
  7. Lack of flexibility.
  8. Lack of respect.
  9. Disinterest in employees as people.
  10. Ignoring the potential for in-house advancement.


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