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Don’t Lose Out on another Great Candidate

Wearing multiple hats within the business world has become increasingly common, but that doesn’t always make for efficient results. This is particularly true when in-house staff are asked to set aside their general job duties in order to wear a recruiter’s hat for one of the many different departments and skill sets needed to staff a business.

Considering that economic belts in most businesses continue to tighten, the scenario of bringing things in-house is becoming more accepted. At a quick glance this may seem to be a smart solution. But look a little deeper and you’ll quickly see the cracks in this argument, particularly when it comes to hiring. In reality, the hiring process is far from simple and requires a significant investment from whomever is tasked with the job.

This is particularly true when it comes to the time, money and energy spent combing through and comparing paper resumes and LinkedIn profiles. If you’re like many businesses, the number of hours in a day is already stretched too thin without the need to add recruiting to the list of daily duties. As the costs of hiring continue to skyrocket, it’s smart to equip your company with a team of likeminded hiring professionals who are ready to find the best candidates for the job. With the clock ticking and multiple jobs to fill, what’s a progressive company to do?

Hire a Recruiter to Pre-Screen Applicants

Next time a new hire is needed, consider starting the interview process with an outside recruiter. This individual helps narrow down the choices to few select candidates, saving the time, energy and sanity of the individuals in-house. Because candidates are pre-screened for their skill sets and compatibility to the company culture, you’ll only talk to the best candidates and there’s no need for the tiresome wait-and-see approach. A method that often results in few to no favorable candidates and a tendency to end up right back where you started.

This employment partnership also allows for an unbiased outside perspective that’s especially valuable when a position not only needs to be filled quickly, it also needs to be filled right the first time. Each recruiter is trained to provide valuable details that would be missed if a candidate was judged solely by their resume.

Don’t Leave a Good Candidate Hanging

Just like the song says, once you find a good one, don’t let them go. Finding a great candidate is primary, but only a swift hiring decision can seal the deal. Too many times great potential hires are left hanging by indecisive hiring managers or the bureaucracy of corporate hiring practices. There’s nothing worse than a potential candidate who comes off a great interview and then never hears back from the hiring manager or worse, later learns the availability of job is now in question. Waiting too long on making an offer to a qualified candidate often translates into that great candidate going to work for someone else.

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