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The Right Way to Leave Your Job

Give Two-Weeks-Notice and Leave like a Rock Star

On occasion, life happens. In the realm of the work world this might be in the form of a bad boss, annoying co-workers, or work that’s not challenging. Depending on the workplace dynamics, you generally have two choices on how to deal with this. One is to work around the barrier, whether that’s a person, activity or pet peeve. The second option is giving notice to say you’ll be leaving the position.

Small Things Add Up

If you decide to take the option of leaving, the next consideration is if you’ll give two-weeks-notice or not. With the exception of a job that puts your mental or physical health at risk, providing notice is a standard and encouraged practice and one that’s typically outlined in the employee handbook. Rather than viewing this time as drudgery, look at it as a 14-day opportunity to make a good impression on your soon-to-be-former manager and co-workers. In the moment, this may not feel like a priority but when considered from the long range, making a concerted effort before a departure can go a long way in making a positive lasting impression.

Share the Wealth In any position you possess information that others may not have. These items are often the little things that you take care of without much notice. Upon departure, these things may become significantly more impactful and if absent could slow productivity and efficiency. Providing a short list of these items can also be a lifesaver for the next person doing your job, leaving you looking not only smart but conscientious for doing so.

Help find your Replacement Who could be better for identifying the perfect candidate than the person who has done the job? You know what skills are the most critical and how they are an asset to each department in the company. Assistance in this endeavor could be in the form of helping write the job description, sitting in on interviews, or looking to a personal network to provide a peer referral.

Resolve any Outstanding Issues When leaving an employer, it’s important to make a clean break. This includes providing a current forwarding address and completing any paper work for insurance purposes before the two weeks is complete. It’s also a good time to clean up the network drive of outstanding or duplicate work so it’s easy for the existing team to find what they are looking for.

Offer Freelance or Consulting Services If you are looking to keep the door partially open after leaving, express interest in providing freelance services and share your willingness to answer questions on projects you’ve worked on, for a negotiable fee.

Going the extra mile in your last two weeks with an organization can go a long way in demonstrating who you are as an individual and as an employee. These courtesies will be remembered long after the two weeks and could be an advantage when looking for former co-workers and managers to provide a reference in the future.

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